The real reason makeup causes acne plus tips to prevent breakouts! T.png


The real reason makeup causes acne, plus tips to prevent breakouts!

A burning question for the ages – does makeup actually cause acne? We give you the answer you’ve been dying for once and for all, complete with expert advice on wearing makeup without breaking out!

braids T.png


Goodbye boring hair, hello easy braids in three minutes

If your hair has been in the same style for the longest time, try braiding it like this

5 Holiday beauty buys worth splurging on T.png


5 Holiday beauty buys worth splurging on

We scoured Singapore’s beauty counters for the best festive editions to help you decide what to spend your money on to get the best bang for your buck

Guess how much this nail polish is T.png


Guess how much this nail polish is

Christian Louboutin's limited edition nail polish is stunning, but will you pay this much for a nail polish?

How to layer different facial serums  make them work effectively! T.png


How to layer different facial serums & make them work effectively!

Here’s a definitive expert’s guide to applying multiple serums in the right order, complete with tips and tricks to maximise your skincare regime’s beautifying potential

How to clean your BB cushion puff  save money T.png


How to clean your BB cushion puff & save money

We all love BB cushion compacts, but is yours harbouring too much bacteria? Maybe it is time to wash it; here are some tips and tricks on how to do it

4 Tips to destress  look good at the same time T.png


4 Tips to destress & look good at the same time

If festive season stress is getting you down, we know how you feel, so here are four easy tips to help you destress and look your best at the same time


This Christmas, mask your face to perfection

The festive season is coming, and we all know how stressful it can be. Instead of scurrying around to find a mask for every skin concern, Fresh has done your homework for you. The brand’s selection of masks will pamper and treat your skin like no other

How to make pore strips more effective at removing blackheads! T.png


How to make pore strips more effective at removing blackheads!

Pore-obsessed people, you really need to try your hand at this unbelievably easy DIY way of getting the most out of your peel-off pore strips; it’s worked wonders for me!

3 new mineral based cosmecutical products for sensitive skin THUMBNAIL


3 new mineral-based, ‘cosmecutical’ products for sensitive skin

Skincare and makeup brands Glo Therapeutics and Glo Minerals produce products that are particularly good for those with sensitive skin; these three new products ‒ an eye cream, a vitamin C serum & a concealer – will solve a multitude of problems

kabuki-face-pack-mask-2 T.png

Beauty Picks

Cool Japanese beauty brands to check out at Tokyu Hands Westgate!

This hip new Japanese lifestyle store at Westgate mall in Jurong East stocks a ton of cult Asian beauty brands that are perfect for novelty gift-giving


Beauty Picks

Check out this new micellar cleansing water by Biore

Cleansing oils, move aside for the new kid in town. Start off on a clean slate with the latest 'beauty water' from Biore


Beauty Picks

2 Calming cleansers to try

Is your skin acting up? These two new cleansers on the market may be the answer

hydra fresh.jpg

Beauty Picks

4 new hydrating products to try

Take a peek at the cool new beauty buys on the market that we're loving for their plumping and moisturising powers


Beauty Picks

Potent new serum to try

Itching to get your hands on the latest "it" serum? Try Albion's latest offering

Can this brightening essence really remove a year’s worth of melanin T.png

Beauty Picks

Can this brightening essence really remove a year’s worth of melanin?

Neutrogena’s new Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence makes a rather exciting claim: Three weeks of consistent use is said to remove a year’s worth of melanin. Intrigued?

M Lhuillier bbt S12 002 T.png

Beauty Picks

An easy ‘adventurous’ makeup look from new glitter mascara

Makeup artists often complain that Singaporean girls are not adventurous with their makeup ‒ something I know I am guilty off. ‘Interesting’ makeup techniques often take up too much time, but when Lunasol introduced its glittery mascara, I didn’t have an excuse anymore

image001 T.png

Beauty Picks

Why you need to try these whitening toothpastes

Coffee cravings and weekend wine can cause teeth discolouration. But you shouldn’t let teeth stains stop you from devouring these delicious foods. Apart from expensive teeth whiteners, you can prevent and treat teeth discolouration in a kawaii way that even Katy Perry approves

La Mer World Oceans Day 2014 T.png

Beauty Picks

Help the oceans with limited edition La Mer Creme de la Mer

Luxury skincare with heart: La Mer has rolled out their annual limited edition design of its iconic Creme de la Mer in honour of World Oceans Day and the intrepid scientists keeping our seas safe

Dior bbt S12 008 T.png

Beauty Picks

How to protect your skin and keep it radiant with DHC PQQ Up Gel

We all know that stress and pollutants causes our skin to age and lose its natural glow. So I was really intrigued when DHC told me it has invented a product that serves to block nasty pollutants, while strengthening the skin’s natural lustre

Beauty Reviews

Why do some guys give better orgasms than others?

If you’re lamenting about having bad sex, or hoping to find someone who gives mind-blowing orgasms, it’s all about looking in the right places

fix the dark circles under your eyes THUMBNAIL

Beauty Reviews

Finally, you can fix the dark circles under your eyes!

BEAUTY REVIEW: I try the Restylane tear trough treatment and discover a practically permanent solution to the dark circles under my eyes!

dysport dermalift beauty review THUMBNAIL

Beauty Reviews

A ‘facelift’ you can see in 5 minutes

BEAUTY REVIEW: Yes, it’s possible to see immediate results - a kind of instant ‘facelift’ - with the Dysport Dermalift Non-Surgical Face Lift; it’s Botox but not as you know it

Is this anti-aging serum really worth $715 T.png

Beauty Reviews

Is this anti-aging serum really worth $715?

REVIEW: Not going to lie, Lancôme’s new Absolue L’Extrait Regenerating and Renewing Ultimate Elixir-Concentrate costs an arm and a leg – but will it give you a flawless face in return for your missing limbs? Find out!

Want dewy skin without makeup or skincare Try this new filler! T.png

Beauty Reviews

Want dewy skin without makeup or skincare? Try this new filler!

REVIEW: This exciting new facial filler treatment uses tiny doses of hyaluronic acid to simulate the dewy K-Beauty look that’s bang on-trend right now. Million-dollar question: Does it work?


Beauty Reviews

Splurge or save: Moisturising facial masks

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. A hands-on impression of some of the new masks on the beauty market that claim to do just that and more

beauty review Ultherapy for the decolletage and neck THUMBNAIL

Beauty Reviews

A review of Ultherapy for the décolletage & neck

REVIEW: Ulthera is a non-invasive ultrasound procedure that is commonly used on your face for lines and wrinkles with great success … Now you can get your décolletage and neck done too!

Splurge or save Everyday brown eyebrow pencils T.png

Beauty Reviews

Splurge or save: Everyday brown eyebrow pencils

REVIEW: We test-drive the latest eyebrow pencils on the beauty market, from Maybelline and Bourjois to Essence Kalinka!

NoFilter selfie Fake it with this fab foundation NEW THUMB.png

Beauty Reviews

#NoFilter selfie? Fake it with this fab foundation

REVIEW: Want proof that social media is where it’s at? Say ‘cheese’ to my new skin buddy, Lancôme’s Teint Miracle Liquid Foundation, a makeup marvel that really delivers on its bold promise of offering a filter-like effect for an Insta-ready mugshot

BEAUTY REVIEW ruby wing nail polish THUMBNAIL

Beauty Reviews

Get cool vegan nail polish that changes colour!

BEAUTY REVIEW: Want more bang from your manicure but want to stay ‘green’? You’ll love Ruby Wing’s Solar Active, completely vegan nail polish that's exclusive to Verdure Nail Spa



Christmas Wonderland

Win official merchandise and vouchers to the Christmas Wonderland.


Fresh’s mask will restore your skin this festive season 


Read on for reviews from our beauty bloggers and win a beauty pack worth $100!


Forget weaving through shops and counters, TANGS has all you need for Christmas


Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Polish gives you gel shine without UV light


The latest beauty buys just got better. TANGS is teaming up with brands to give back to charity


Clinique Smart is a serum that repairs skin damage before you see it 


Watch celeb makeup artist Larry Yeo dolls up DJ Rozz’s face with Lancôme’s holiday collection! Tips & tricks included.



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