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5 best Asian beauty Youtubers to follow for makeup tips for single eyelids

#1 Tina Yong

I love how easy to follow Tina’s videos are, and also her incredibly soothing voice. Her videos are the perfect place to start if you’re new to makeup and want to learn the fundamentals. She does several types of videos ranging from makeup basics to first impressions of products, as well as a series of beauty hack videos that are also very useful, like foundation, eyeliner and eyeshadow hacks.


My secret “422” facial cleansing routine

If you’re wondering what “422” is, I’m going to let you in on one of my cleansing beauty secrets.
Cleansing is the most important step of my skincare regime.
From removing my makeup to exfoliating, I spend a good eight minutes each night cleansing my face. I’ve found that this is the optimal amount of time it takes for me to cleanse my face fully - if I rush through cleansing, my face doesn’t feel clean enough and if I cleanse for too long, my skin feels too dry.
To me, my cleansing routine marks the end of my day and going through each step helps me unwind.

In London for The Body Shop

On March 22, 2012, beauty editors and writers from around the world – myself included – arrived in London for The Body Shop’s latest international press event. For me, it was like rediscovering of one of the very first beauty brands I ever used.
This is where we stayed for The Body Shop event, the St Martins Lane Hotel (45 Saint Martin's Lane, London WC2N 4HX, United Kingdom), which is in the artsy Covent Garden area.

In praise of aesthetic procedures

The recent need to get my passport renewed – an event that caused no end of drama; but that's another story – made it obvious to me that aesthetic procedures really do work.

Her World Beauty Awards 2012

The Her World Beauty Awards 2012 are underway at ION Gallery in ION Orchard. The movers and shakers of the Beauty industry are turning up to check out just who will win what award. 
We’re asking them for their beauty trend tips and trick and favourite colours and ideas, so stay tuned. We’ve also spotted a bunch of male celebs who’ve turned up to help the Her World team help celebrate.
Check out the images below ...

Two weeks without eye makeup is scary

A bit over two weeks ago I had my eyes Lasik-ed – I don’t think that’s actually a word, but that’s what I’m going with.
I am ecstatically happy with the procedure; it couldn’t be better. According to my doctor I won’t even have to think about wearing reading glasses until I’m well over 55-years-old!
My procedure was one that gave me one eye with perfect long distance, and the other with perfect short distance. You have to “swap” between eyes, but it works wonderfully, and even better I don’t need to wear reading glasses.

Eyelash Envy

Big mistake this morning: I curled my lashes after putting on mascara and about three lashes fell out. I let out a little scream and chided myself for committing a sin which numerous makeup artists have warned me about. So, it seemed like an opportune time to talk about a part of my body which I’m obsessed with – my lashes.  I’m not sure if you’re like me, but I’m all about making my lashes look longer and thicker. Every day, I apply two (sometimes three) types of mascaras with the hope I will look like I’m wearing fake lashes, without actually having to use those unwieldy things.

My 10 beauty commandments

Are these 10 beauty commandments real or am I just being humorous? It’s up to you to decide.

The importance of cleansing

After a period of time of going to sleep without washing my face and then another with a majorly-complicated skincare routine, I’ve finally settled into a comfortable regime which works – cleanse, tone, treat acne and moisturise.