Beauty obsession of the week: Commodity perfume cocktails

Meet the sexy new fragrances that you can wear ‘neat’ or mix and match to get a scent cocktail that’s incredibly unique

commodity goods fragrances singapore - packaging

Wool, Moss, Book, Whiskey and Gin are just some of the evocatively named scents from new-to-Sephora brand Commodity. They are also some of the most unique and alluring scents I have come across in a long time.

The brand itself has a really cool, creative and minimalist vibe, and we love that the range of scents can be worn alone as individual fragrances, or layered with others for more unique and complex results (just like mixing different spirits to create a bespoke cocktail). If you ask us, this sounds like the perfect way to develop a personal fragrance that no one else will be wearing.

commodity goods fragrances singapore - black and white

There are two halves to the collection. The “dark” scents are meant to be more complex, moody and intense, while the “white” scents are bright, airy, and easier to wear. As someone who loves more heady scents, I am fully in love with the black range, with Wool and Moss ranking as my top two. I do think the dark scents are better suited to colder countries or seasons, but that shouldn’t deter anyone in Singapore who likes sophisticated sexy fragrances. Even then, you can always mix it with a light scent to make it more wearable.

While the name of each fragrance might seem rather simple, the ingredients that go into each are clearly well thought out by several perfumers and contain rather unusual notes.   

commodity goods fragrances singapore - 10ml sprays

The packaging on these is gorgeous as well, and if you don’t want to get the full-sized 100ml bottles ($146 each), you can opt to try the 10ml spray bottles ($35 each) instead. I think the sprays are perfect for travel as well as for sampling the collection before committing to a full-sized bottle. There is also a sample kit that contains 2ml bottles of all 10 scents, which even comes with a little “recipe” card that contains perfume cocktail suggestions to try. Head on over to Sephora to try them out for yourself!

10/10, would definitely recommend.

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