Op-ed: Why you should take beauty advice from a guy – specifically, this guy

When it comes to beauty tips and tricks, the gender of your grooming guru doesn’t matter – or does it?

Who is Eugene Quek, and why on earth should you entrust your mien to a man like him?

Why, indeed. You see, I am for all intents and purposes a guy, but I earn my coins doling out “top tips and tricks” to a largely female audience.

But why should you, dear reader, be persuaded by the pontifications of a man, especially when he’s espousing the merits of this makeup brush over another? Is this yet another instance of the power of patriarchy – where not even the most private of crevices (uh, your #BeautyTopShelf) can ever be truly free from the tyranny of The Man?

Short answer: I don’t know, man. What I do know is that where beauty and balms are concerned, more than a few ladies love me. They look up to me. They honestly do. Heck, even models – legit models and aspiring “influencers” alike – ask me for advice on stuff like acne and antioxidants. (This alliteration addiction is really getting out of control.)

And you know what? I’m gratified beyond belief that you girls take me at “face” value. As for the whys and wherefores … well, I asked this woman, point-blank, at some recent workshop I was hosting: Why? Why me?

Her answer, verbatim: “You look like you know your sh*t.”

The “ugly” truth is that appearances matter, in life, love and lotions. I have, generally

speaking, a pleasing countenance and a pleasing complexion; therefore, ipso facto, my opinion on ointments must count for something.

But there are subtler epiphanies to be gleaned here – like how truly meritocratic the world of makeup can be, at least when it comes to gender. What’s reflected on my pink IC doesn’t matter – it’s the punniness of my prose and the perfection of my powder application that do.

Besides, as things stand at the moment, I’m the only boy beauty journo in my neck of the woods, so I must be doing something right, right?

And hey, if you’re a dude reading this and think you have the balls to join the club, I urge you to go ahead and do it, man. I’d love company. Just make sure you know your sh*t.

Want proof that I know my sh*t? Check out my DIY recipe for an instant “facelift”; my tips on using cleansing wipes correctly for super soft skin; and my 30-day guide to your brightest complexion yet. Have fun!

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