Eye wrinkles, dark circles, eyebags? This is the one product you will need

There’s nothing worse than waking up Saturday morning after a particularly rough week at work to notice the panda eyes staring back at you in the mirror. 

It may be tempting to blame it on all those nights of OT in the office, but – not-so-fun fact alert! – working long hours in front of a computer isn’t the only reason for under-eye lines or puffy under-eye bags. In fact, those are just two signs that your peepers are ageing. 

It’s not entirely your fault, though. Our eyes are the unfortunate bearer of our age and as we grow older, we begin to experience various signs of ageing eyes. That includes under-eye lines and the undesired puffy eyes. Yes, our eye muscles are one of the first things to age in our body, hence prominent sagging eyelids – and the explanation for why ‘dark circles’ and ‘eye wrinkles’ are amongst some of the top eye concern searches on Google. (Know that you’re not alone in your struggle!)

Of course, ageing is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s always nice knowing that there’s something you can do to keep your eyes both looking and feeling healthy without breaking the bank on multiple eye creams addressing these different signs.

Enter the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Eye Care, which will be joining the range of other Age Perfect products this month.

What’s new and exciting about this treatment is the potent formulation with NATECIUM DHC, an antioxidant that helps defend against cell degradation. The easy-to-use product also comes with a cooling metal applicator that’s said to help stimulate blood circulation and reduce dark circles – just one of the reasons why the reigning Queen of Caldecott Zoe Tay is the fabulous face behind the product.

But that’s not all. Given the importance Zoe Tay places on the health of her eyes, it stands to reason that the product delivers; eight of 10 women reported seeing signs of improvement within two weeks of use.

And the best part? Unlike other eye creams currently available in the market, the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Eye Care does it all. The all-in-one product promises to address all five signs of ageing eyes: Dark circles, puffy under-eye bags, crow’s feet, under-eye lines and sagging eyelids. This means no more tedious 14-step skincare routines, complete with six different creams that serve various functions. Everything’s in one nifty little tube!



Intrigued and want to find out more? L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Eye Care is available at all Watsons and Guardian stores and some selected departmental stores. 

Free samples of the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Eye Care are available at  here.

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Finally, a customised scalp treatment that takes care of all your hair needs

Don’t you just get so jealous when you see someone with luscious and voluminous hair walking by, without a care in the world? And there you are, wishing the dry and damaged ‘straw’ on your head were half as silky and half as willing to fall becomingly on your shoulders.
We understand the pain of having hair and scalp problems and the urgency in finding treatments that actually work – and not some bogus bottles that throw the word ‘keratin’ around loosely to earn your hard-earned money.
Enter PHS Hairscience, which fuses which fuses trichology, science and technology to come up with bespoke solutions to just about every hair and scalp care issue out there including dandruff, oily or sensitive scalp, hair loss, grey hair, dry or damaged hair out there – and with treatments specifically targeted for Asian scalp and hair types, too.


The efficacy of a treatment resides in digging deep and uncovering the cause of a problem. Most quick-fix solutions only target the surface of the scalp, which may relieve the problem temporarily – but what we are looking for is a one-stop permanent solution.
PHS Hairscience’s award-winning signature three-step Customised DSR (Detox, Stabilize, Regrow) Hair & Scalp Spa Therapy that aims at solving your hair and scalp problems more effectively in the long-term with active ingredients that targets the scalp issue and technology that helps penetrate nutrients into the dermis layer of your scalp to rectify issues at the root.
The best part yet? You can personalise the entire programme according to your concerns. All of the treatments in the programme are meticulously curated by a trichological trained professional to ensure optimal results. The treatments are also adaptable, which means that they will tweak the protocol to accommodate your scalp concerns as they evolve along the way.
Here’s how it works. The first step to the bespoke programme involves a hair and scalp analysis to determine the starting point and condition of the scalp. Thereafter, different steps and products addressing issues such as thinning hair, oily or sensitive scalp, dry hair or even heavy hair loss will be factored into the programme, according to your needs.


Using a blend of patented Korean botanical herbs, the treatments incorporate acupressure techniques from the East to ease your scalp into relaxation and to encourage better absorption of products. A unique Aroma Touch is included that helps to soothe all of your senses, allowing you to feel utterly refreshed and rejuvenated after the treatment. To further amp up the pampering factor, you’ll enjoy a relaxing shoulder and hand massage to release all the tight knots you might have racked up from the stress of your daily life.
PHS Hairscience boasts top-notch service and treatment facilities, with friendly and attentive professionals on hand to provide expert advice on how to tweak your lifestyle to amplify the effects of your programme.
The spa-like environment is perfumed with aromatic essential oils for a complete sensorial indulgence; there are also massage chairs and personal entertainment consoles to occupy yourself with while having your treatment.
Take it from the immaculately groomed socialite Jamie Chua herself: “When it comes to the wellbeing of my hair and scalp, I can always trust PHS Hairscience! Their treatments and services are excellent and relaxing. The Customised DSR Hair & Scalp Spa Therapy is one of my beauty essentials. I know I’m in good hands as they follow-up with me on every treatment, monitoring my results and showing me the improvements.” Talk about a ringing endorsement!
Intrigued and keen to suss it out for yourself? Enjoy the Advance Scalp Repair + Miracle Hair Therapy at only $28. Call 6692 0662 or book now quoting “Her World Plus” to redeem.
Valid till 20 August 2017, for first time customers, Singaporeans, E & S pass holders only.


For more information: https://www.PHShairscience.com/
Facebook: PHS Hairscience
Instagram: PHSHairscience
Hotline: +65 6692 0662

We've got issues with tissues: Go green with these eco-handkerchiefs instead

Limited edition Eco-Handkerchiefs inspired by Saryeoni, Gotjawal and Bijarim Forests.

Every time you use a sheet of tissue paper, you are contributing to the cutting down of trees to make pulp. To help raise awareness of deforestation and promote the protection of forests, Korean beauty brand innisfree launched the Eco-Handkerchief Campaign in 2010. This annual campaign, with the tag line “Use A Hankie, Save The Earth”, encourages us to skip the tissue paper and use a handkerchief instead.

This year, the campaign continues, with three beautifully designed Eco-Handkerchiefs inspired by South Korea’s verdant forests, namely Saryeoni, Gotjawal and Bijarim. Each of the limited edition handkerchiefs includes elements from the forests they represent – the Saryeoni design features sunlight poking through tall trees, the Gotjawal design has wild animals and fireflies, and the Bijarim design depicts a walk through the greenery in the rain.

1. The Green Tea Seed Serum (160ml), $48. 2. Green Tea Balancing Cream (100ml), $40. 3. Forest For Men Fresh All-in-one Essence (150ml), $46. 4. Limited edition My Cushion Cases, $12 each.

Also launched are several limited edition products, with packaging designed to complement the handkerchiefs. These include The Green Tea Seed Serum, Green Tea Balancing Cream, and My Cushion Cases, all of which come in three exclusive designs. For men, there is the Forest For Men Fresh All-in-one Essence.


From June 1 to 30, receive an Eco-Handkerchief when you purchase any product from the limited edition collection in-store. Handkerchief designs are distributed randomly.

Terms and conditions apply.

innisfree is available at #B2-34/35 Ngee Ann City, #01-63/64 Plaza Singapura, #01-109/110 Bugis Junction, #02-36 Jem, #01-35/36/37 Tampines Mall, #B1-02 Vivocity, #01-55/56/81/82 Jurong Point Shopping Centre, #B1-18/19 Nex, #01-108/109 Tiong Bahru Plaza, and #01-30 Bedok Mall.

For more information visit innisfree.com/sg/en, subscribe to the brand’s official Youtube channel at innisfree Singapore, or check out its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/innisfreesingapore, and Instagram page @innisfreesingapore.

For all your skincare needs, here's a new one-stop shop for that fresh face future

Astique The Aesthetic Clinic offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic treatments that tackle problems like dullness, pigmentation and fine lines. Its doctors and therapists work with you to customise a treatment that best suits your needs.

Achieve bouncy, dewy skin


Dermashine Skin Booster gives you the dewy, luminous skin favoured by Korean and Hollywood celebrities. Using machine-calibrated micro-needles, the treatment delivers a customised cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants, as well as hydrating ingedients, like hyaluronic acid (HA), directly into the skin. This method promises better, longer-lasting results compared to other topical products because nutrients are better absorbed.

One session with a single dose of HA is $535 nett. A double dose is $856 nett.

Enjoy clearer, blemish-free skin


The DualYellow Brightening Laser emits two wavelengths of light – yellow and green – to reduce acne, pigmentation and other imperfections without damaging skin or causing discomfort. Precise and targeted, the laser can also treat vascular lesions – malformations of blood vessels that result in red spots or patches on skin. It immediately shrinks the vessels with minimal or no pain.

Get 10 sessions at $2,675 nett.

Get rid of fat bulges


If you still can’t shift those pockets of fat, no matter how much you exercise, try Zeltiq CoolSculpting. It eliminates stubborn excess fat from the body naturally by freezing fat cells. It’s ideal for the arms, thighs, hips, tummy and love handles. For smaller areas like a double chin and armpit (axillary) area, opt for the CoolMini treatment that uses a smaller applicator.

Get two CoolSculpting sessions and 100 shots of Titan Laser (skin tightening for treated areas) at $1,400.63 nett.
Get one CoolMini session and one Medi-Facial at $716.90 nett.

Plump up your skin


Enjoy more youthful-looking skin with fillers and Botox. Fillers diminish the appearance of deep creases and fine lines, as well as restore volume and fullness in the face. Botox relaxes targeted muscles in order to help smooth wrinkles like crows’ feet and frown lines.

Get three vials of any Juvederm filler (except Juvederm Voluma) at $2,000 nett.
Get 100 units of Botox at $1,299 nett.

Astique The Aesthetic Clinic is at #08-00 Shaw House, tel: 6732-3801. For more information, visit www.astiqueclinic.com.sg or e-mail enquiry@astiqueclinic.com.sg.

The secret to losing weight safely – and keeping the weight off

Trying to lose weight is tough and can feel like quite the uphill battle. We constantly compare ourselves to celebrities and their dramatic Instagram transformations, but the reality is that we can rarely afford the personal chefs and trainers required to keep as disciplined in our efforts every single day.

Still, weight loss journeys can be a lot more successful when we get some professional help.

Enter Singaporean entrepreneur Cheryl Wee, eldest daughter of Jean Yip (yes the owner of the Jean Yip Group), who has launched her own brand that’s dedicated to not just weight management, but wellness as well.

Here’s what you’re in for. Cheryl W offers weight and wellness programmes, body treatments, as well as take-home products that are part of a series to “ease the body” into the process of taking on a new diet, especially if you experience side effects like fatigue, bloating, breakouts and headaches when trying to start a new diet. So instead of getting discouraged, Cheryl’s take-home products are meant to alleviate those symptoms to make the weight loss journey as smooth as possible for you.

Her dedication to an all-rounded approach is of course a comforting reminder that while weight loss shouldn’t be a quick fix, it doesn’t have to be so difficult, either.

There are five ranges to choose from like Flush, Radiant, Strength, Full Again, Sparkle, depending on what your body needs or is dealing with. The Flush, Radiant and Strength series contain natural teas to help detoxify your body, give you more energy and regulate your body’s natural functions. On the other hand, the Full Again series is more of a light meal replacement, while the Ginger Champagne from the Sparkle range is a fruity and fizzy guilt-free drink that eases bloating to boot.

There are accompanying body treatments for each range to help tone, sculpt and shape your body, some of which we’ve highlighted below:

One of the key treatments available at Cheryl W is the Signature Body Flush Treatment that’s all about detoxification. Cheryl W reasons that a good detox gives your body the right foundation or starting point for you to succeed with weight loss. What it does is flush out impurities and toxic waste like heavy metals and ‘poisons’ from areas like the tummy, waist, hips and limbs.

The goal? A speedier metabolism and an improvement in your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

The process is customised to suit each individual because obviously, everybody is unique! There are also certain procedures that might not be suited for certain bodies, so the steps detailed here are more of a general guide.

First off is of course a consultation session that includes a detailed body weight analysis, arranging your treatment, and recommendations on how you can adjust your lifestyle.
Next, a customisable machine is used to tackle issues like bloating, water retention, cellulite and other bits and bobs. The squeamish will be pleased to know that the therapy promises to be pain-free, non-invasive and risk-free. This is followed by a number of treatments like an Aroma Steam Bath (to relax your body, boost circulation and help your body absorb the products), skin-softening body polish and lymphatic massage (to get rid of dead skin cells, draw out toxins and water retention), and a thermal heat therapy to sweat out the toxins.

This thermal heat therapy is meant to not just eliminate toxins, but raise your heart rate and core temperature so you burn calories, too. According to Cheryl, just lying on that thermal blanket for the recommended period of time can equate to one hour of non-stop exercise or burning 300 calories!

To top it all off, you get to take home and enjoy your custom recommended wellness drinks to prolong the effects of your body flush treatment.

Five essentials for an extreme hiking trip

We still love a lazy beach holiday. But of late, we’ve been drawn towards vacays that are a little more adventurous – specifically, hiking trips. These appeal to our sense of adventure, will burn off all those holiday calories, and give us the chance to see glorious scenery we’ve never encountered before. Top of the current wishlist is Ijen, an Indonesian active volcano that’s topped with a turquoise lake. Blue flames appear around the crater as sulphur gas ignites, and can be seen most clearly after the sun sets.

However, hiking in Singapore and hiking overseas are very different prospects. We can pretty much do MacRitchie or Bukit Timah in flip-flops and jeans, but the two-hour trek from base camp to the top of Ijen, in extreme conditions, requires serious kit. Here’s what to bring.

Warm jacket

The temperature of the nearest town, Sempol, is usually in the mid-20s, but at Ijen, it can be as low as 5 Deg C overnight. Pack a light down jacket such as this staple from Uniqlo, which is thin and warm, but can be stuffed into a small pouch so you can easily transport it.


Powerful torch and mask

You need a bright torch to navigate the hike in the dark. A headlamp like this one keeps your hands free. A mask to protect your nose from the pungent sulphur odour is also essential – these can be bought at local supermarkets.

Moisturising skincare

The sulphurous fumes from the volcano aren’t just smelly. They can also damage your moisture barrier, which can make skin rough and dry. Before you even leave Singapore, start using a skincare product that can strengthen the barrier function, such as SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, which contains Pitera, a natural ingredient rich in micronutrients. The watery lotion conditions skin to improve its moisture barrier. Korean actress Lee Siyoung took a trip to Ijen as part of ‘Face the Wild | Face the Camera Extreme Expeditions’, a series of vignettes presented by SK-II and National Geographic. "It was so hard to breathe because of the dust and gas, and I was unable to open my eyes. But even in this extreme environment, Facial Treatment Essence kept my skin great,” she says.

Compact camera

Your smartphone camera is good enough for most things, but the spectacular blue flames at Ijen need something more. The brief? Something compact, light, and easy to use, such as this Olympus camera, which is small, but takes great, sharp pictures.

Warm, protective gloves

It doesn’t just get cold up there. When you’re scrambling through the crater you may need to hold on to sharp rocks, so you need something to guard your mitts. These gloves are fleece lined and protective, but also allow you to operate your touchscreen – vital when you’re about to take that perfect sunset shot.


The inside scoop on an anti-ageing supplement will give you beautifully soft skin from within

Stress, UV-related free-radical damage and an unhealthy diet as well as lifestyle can all lead to fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, dryness and dullness.
While topical lotions and creams may be able to help your skin look healthy and moisturised on the surface, it takes a unique supplement like Imedeen Time Perfection to help you maintain a more youthful-looking appearance in the long term.
Recommended for women aged 30 and above, Imedeen Time Perfection is scientifically proven to minimise signs of ageing and damage from deep within. It promises to brighten skin tone and give you that lit-from-within glow in as little as 90 days. This is because the supplement is formulated with the exclusive and revolutionary Biomarine Complex. Rich in proteins and polysaccharides similar to those found naturally in the skin’s structure, it is said to stimulate collagen production, and the renewal of skin cells and skin layers.
Taken daily, it will help your skin to become smoother with less lines and wrinkles, as well as more hydrated and luminous. Even better, Imedeen Time Perfection will have the skin on the rest of your body looking better than ever before, too.
"Biomarine Complex is backed by strong medical evidence that shows this ingredient supports brighter, firmer skin with a healthy glow." Dr Siew Tuck Wah, Radium Medical Aesthetics.
Enjoy 25 per cent off Imedeen products during the Great Singapore Sale.*
*Promotional dates vary among different stores during the GSS period.
Imedeen products are available at www.prettyhealthy.sg, and at Guardian, Unity and Watsons stores. For more information, visit www.imedeen.com.sg.

Tackle stubborn tummy fat with these 3 body shaping treatments

Trying to get rid of stubborn stomach fat is one of the most popular concerns among Singaporean women. Whether we’re dealing with post-pregnancy tummies, have been struggling with long-term obesity or are active and just looking to rid ourselves of the last bit of a stubborn “spare tire”, our end goal tends to be the same.

But just because an end goal is similar doesn’t mean the treatment method should be. Depending on your body and needs, different levels of shaping, tightening and fat reduction are required. BTL Aesthetics, a producer of medical aesthetic devices has three particular devices and treatments that can help target stomach fat. To help us figure out which device or combination of devices is right for your individual concerns, we spoke to a panel of three doctors to find out which treatments they use and when.

Dr. Sylvia Ramirez - from Cutis Medical Laser Clinics

“Generally in medical aesthetics, combination treatments are always preferred.”

Which treatments do you use most commonly?

“We have found that BTL VANQUISH ME and CoolSculpting devices are ideal for a wide range of patients from those with high BMIs, women who want to get back into shape after a delivery as well as active individuals who just cannot seem to get rid of certain pockets of fat.”

Could you tell us a little more about these devices?

“We like this unique protocol, which we call Fire and Ice, as BTL VANQUISH ME is the first and only contactless radio frequency (RF) technology that is capable of treating the entire abdomen area in one session reducing overall abdomen and waist size while CoolSculpting’s fat freezing technology is great in targeting pockets of fat all over the body in that are resistant even to rigorous exercise and diet.”

Dr. Chan Kok Weng, K W Chan Medical Clinic and Surgery

"What appeals to me as a medical practitioner is the versatility of BTL VANQUISH ME applicators. The flex applicator makes it easy to treat smaller body areas like upper arms, inner and outer thighs, and calves; whilst the bigger applicator treats larger body areas like lower and upper abdomen, love handles, below buttocks and saddle bags."

What are the benefits of the BTL VANQUISH ME treatment?

“Besides the permanent destruction of fat cells, it has an added advantage of skin tightening and body contouring. And more importantly, it is US FDA-cleared, which makes the treatment extremely safe.”

What body concerns can be treated with BTL VANQUISH?

“I have seen many success stories in my patients who are post-pregnancy mothers that want to permanently get rid of fats with an added bonus of skin tightening, brides-to-be looking to lose a tummy, love handles or bra bulges, and even grooms-to-be that wish to get rid of their tummy or love handles. Even active gym-fit patients can specifically target and get rid of the last bit of stubborn bulge that exercise cannot target.”

Does the treatment hurt or have any downtime?

“There’s no pain, it’s non-invasive and has no downtime, so this treatment appeals to almost everyone, especially men. I see about 65% women and 35% men, and the number of men is increasing.”

Dr.Chew Khek Kah, NU.U Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic

“Tummy sculpting remains the most requested treatment in our clinic. Patients these days want non invasive procedures that produce quick results with no pain and also no downtime. We have found that the best results come when we combine certain procedures. Combining procedures allows us to maximize the overall results and leave us with much higher patient satisfaction within a shortened period of time.”

How would you combine treatments?

"For the best results, we use BTL VANQUISH ME to reduce the fat volumetrically and homogeneously and then we use BTL EXILIS ELITE to tone and tighten the treated area. This combination is excellent at combating fat reduction. An added treatment that assists this combination is the BTL X WAVE. This deep mechanical therapy supports the lymphatic circulation and speeds up the results. What we can do with a single approach pales in comparison to what we can do with multiple modalities."

To round it all up, the BTL VANQUISH ME seems to be the most popular option for overall non-invasive fat loss. Plus, it’s a fairly short 45 minute treatment you can fit into your lunch break. According to BTL Aesthetics, the best results are seen in patients with a BMI range of 28 to 32.

It’s commonly paired with the BTL EXILIS ELITE treatment which is a great option to tighten everything up after, especially for someone who has just lost a lot of weight and is dealing with loose skin. And to enhance the entire process, BTL X WAVE is favoured for its ability to stimulate collagen production and stimulate micro circulation which is said to reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and make your skin more elastic.

If you’ve been struggling with stubborn stomach fat for a while now, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. For more information, call the clinic for more personalised advice on available treatments for your particular body concerns.

For more information:

Cutis Medical Laser Clinics
DR. Sylvia Ramirez

K W CHAN Medical Clinic & Surgery
Dr Chan Kok Weng

NU.U. Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic
Dr Chew Khek Kah