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Look matte, not flat with the no. 1 liquid foundation – now in a cushion

There’s something undeniably classy about matte makeup. Dewy foundation and lipgloss may look youthful, but matte looks elegant and sophisticated (not to mention less likely to read as greasy in humid Singapore). Happily, the finish is on trend too, as seen on the models strutting their stuff on Paris’s Spring/Summer 2017 runways.

Does whitening skincare REALLY work on Asian skin or are you wasting your money?

Billion-dollar beauty question: Are all those brightening lotions and potions you’re splashing out on savvy skin investments, or are you quite literally washing money down the drain?

Short answer: Yes, they do work, but you need to be prudent with your purchases. Bookmark this handy e-guide for easy reference the next time you’re browsing the beauty aisles, and cheers to a brighter future.

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Don’t miss the forest for the trees – in the pursuit of a brighter complexion, don’t neglect to quench your skin’s thirst. Dehydrated skin – even if it were pale – will look sickly and sallow, so always load up on a moisturiser. The dewiness of perfectly plump skin will reflect light for a fresh and fabulous finish.

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