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Expert tips and tools to get that perfect Asian brow


#1 Golden Rules
Eyebrows give your face definition, frame your features and can pull your look together – or apart.

However, they are not one-shape-fits-all. Most brow shapes generally work with an oval face, while arched brows can make a round face appear more oval, and flat, straight brows with a low arch can help balance out a long face, says Apple Loo, senior trainer at Browhaus.

Here are 5 must-know tips to perfect your eyeliner


When it comes to drawing attention to your eyes, most women would agree that eyeliner makes a world of difference. But no matter how long you've been using eyeliner for, there are days where it still gets tricky to perfect one. Here are some tricks we've tried that could help you ace that winged liner you've been practising for.