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Chanel Beauté des Cils

This eyelash primer thickens up your lashes and protects them at the same time; wear under your mascara or as a treatment overnight
  Chanel Beauté des Cils, $46


Chanel Beauté des Cils is an eyelash “primer” that you apply before your mascara. It combines rice wax, beeswax and carnauba wax for improved shine, and a blend of polymer and cellulose fibers helps lengthen and curl eyelashes.

Created as part of Chanel’s Le Regard De Chanel collection of eye makeup designed for Asian women, the Chanel Beauté des Cils can be worn under mascara or on it’s own overnight to “condition” your eyelashes according to Chanel.


Rating: 4/5

The Chanel Beauté des Cils eyelash primer comes in a mascara-like tube with a wand, but it’s white and quite thick in texture.

You need to be judicious in applying – if you use too much it takes a while to dry and makes your eyelashes stick together.

Under mascara, the Chanel Beauté des Cils does seem to thicken your eyelashes, and it’s certainly helpful in protection them when you use eye makeup remover.

I found that if you use a thickening type of mascara the primer unfortunately tends to make your eyelashes clump together from the weight of both products.

However, if you are using a lengthening type of mascara, the Chanel Beauté des Cils works really well to give you thickness and length at the same time; but be careful to allow the primer to dry before applying your mascara.

All in all, the Chanel Beauté des Cils eyelash primer is best used at night – it does seem to have given my rather light and thin eyelashes more density. I’m assuming that the more I use it, the better my eyelashes will be.

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Niki Bruce, herworld.com Editor

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