Strip Strawberry Wax Virgin Brazilian Treatment

100x150.jpg Perfect for Brazilian wax virgins, as well as those with a low threshold for pain

  Strip Strawberry Wax Virgin Brazilian Treatment, $58


Created for Brazilian virgins, Strip’s new strawberry wax contains German chamomile and aloe vera – conditioning ingredients that aren’t typically found in other waxes – to heal and soothe tender skin, and is specially formulated to be super soft and easy to apply.

The creamy wax can be applied thinly on the skin, so it dries quickly and evenly – this also means virgin hairs can be removed swiftly per application, unlike the repetitive torment caused by traditional brittle wax.

Strip has also produced a handy Brazilian Virgin Kit for easy after-wax care and maintenance. Each kit contains a trial-sized bottle of X’ed out cream (5ml) for ingrown hair, Ice Cream (5ml) to soothe irritated skin, Strawberry body scrub (5ml), Strawberry moisturizing body butter (5ml) and one Peace Ampoule to soothe hair follicles.

The Brazilian Virgin Kit, sold separately from the Strawberry Wax Virgin Brazilian Treatment, is priced at $25 ($15 for Strip Brazilian virgins; offer until June 30). 



Rating: 4/5

I’m no Brazilian virgin, but that doesn’t make me any less nervous every time I step into a cheery pink room that belies its true purpose –  that is 20 minutes of hair-ripping pain.

As I lay down and waited for ‘torture’, my therapist tried to calm my nerves by talking. A lot. She was a really sweet lady, bless her heart, but the fact that her face was practically in my va-jay-jay and that I could feel her breathing down on me down there did nothing to calm me at all.

All throughout, I just kept worrying that my reflex action from her ripping off a wax would cause me to accidentally kick her in the head – that actually happened to an unlucky therapist during my very first Brazilian wax, mind you. But I must add that the sweet strawberry scent did comfort me a little – I remember telling myself to get Strawberry Pocky after the session.

It was only towards the final few waxes that I realised I’d barely felt the pain. Of course, each time she pulled a wax strip off, there would be a moment of shock. But unlike most of the other sessions I’ve been to, the shock wore off almost instantly, leaving no time for my mind to register the pain.

My skin also didn’t feel as tender as how it usually did after my previous sessions – it could be the result of the Peace Ampoule from the Brazilian Virgin Kit my therapist applied, which left a pleasant tingling effect.

All in all, this is definitely perfect for Brazilian virgins, as well as those with a low threshold for pain. Also, just a tip, try getting your therapist to talk to you non-stop the next time you go for a Brazilian wax – she may truly distract you from the pain.




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