5 reasons why this new Korean eye makeup product is a must-have

Reasons why eyeshadows aren’t as popular as eyeliner: They’re tougher to apply – glitter falls on your cheeks and eye makeup brushes aren’t as intuitive to use – they take up too much time, and often end up shelved and forgotten.

4 tricks to make your curled eyelashes last all day!

Ah, eyelashes: The longer, thicker and curlier, the better. With an “eye” on the prize, here’s a quick and dirty guide to transforming your poker-straight lashes into the fluttery follicles of your dreams: 

Try top beauty blogger MissWen’s guide to Korean eyebrows

Wait, are Korean-style eyebrows still a thing? 

I’m referring to that trend for thick and slightly tapered eyebrows, which tends to have a most curious effect on your facial proportions. I, for one, find the “flatness” of a straight brow to have a disconcerting effect of stamping out adult sensuality and rendering your features oddly child-like.