3 tips to look fresh while you workout

Gym beauty 90 No matter how intense your workout gets, you can keep yourself looking and feeling fresh with these tricks

Gym beauty
Let’s be honest – a gym session usually doesn’t leave you looking your most beautiful. Treadmills, sweat and jogging bottoms aren’t a winning combination and whereas a full face of makeup isn’t the way forward, there are some little tips and tricks to keep you look and feeling fresh while working out. Feeling and looking good should come as part of a package and with our handy hints you won’t be caught short, no matter how intense your work out was!

Practical hair:

The last thing you need when you’re hitting the cross trainer is hair in your face or pesky flyaways. Scrape hair back into a high ponytail and secure with a snag-free elastic, such as one from the Sephora range. Next comes the issue of keeping your hair in place. A strong hold hairspray is the best option here, but pick one that’s lightweight and won’t leave hair stiff and uncomfortable. TRESemmé have a great range of products boasting various levels of hold, so pick a higher one for when you hit the gym.

Stay-put makeup:

If you feel more comfortable wearing a bit of makeup when you’re at the gym, you’ll want to invest in products that won’t run or smudge as soon as they come into contact with a bit of sweat. A good waterproof mascara is the place to start, as it will stay put even if you hit the pool or sauna post workout. Maybelline Illegal Length waterproof mascara will open up your eyes without looking clumpy and can withstand even the toughest gym session. Sweating off your foundation can leave you with streaky skin which is never a good look. Invest in a good primer and also finish off with a makeup setting spray. Urban Decay All Nighter lets your foundation work longer, even in humid conditions.

Intense cleanse:

Once you’ve finished at the gym, make sure you clean your skin properly to avoid clogged pores and potential spots. Always carry some wipes in your kit, particularly some with moisturising ingredients which will soothe and calm. Clinique Wash-Away gel cleanser is cooling and will remove all traces of sweat and makeup to leave your skin fresh and soft. If your face is looking a bit red from all that exercise, Clinique also does a range of foundation which specialises in blemished skin and will give an instant even complexion. © Cover Media



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