Get some great beauty and health tips & tools online

Beauty and health tips and tools online THUMBNAIL There are some really useful apps, websites and other online tools available to help you keep your beauty & health knowledge up-to-date as well as make sure you look your best

The Internet is a treasure trove of information on everything from math, science and the latest celebrity gossip to yes, tips and tricks for the tech-savvy beauty and health buff.

Beauty and health tips and tools online DECOR

In fact, a look at Google Trends shows that the Singapore ranked tenth in the world for regional interest in “beauty tips" during 2012. With beauty and health sites and apps proliferating online, getting expert tips is just a few clicks away. Here are some top tips for the tech-savvy health and beauty fan on the go:

1. Rushing to a meeting?
Do a quick check with the Mirror app on Chrome (and no one will know!), which turns your webcam into a handy mirror.

2. Learn how to stay healthy and make your skin glow with the Vitamins app on Chrome
The app lists various vitamins, herbs and minerals and what they're good for—from what's good for stress relief to what to take to boost your metabolism.

3. Learn how to go from day to night or put a picture perfect face forward with Michelle Phan's tutorials on YouTube
The self-taught makeup artist and fashionista hosts tutorials on how to achieve everything from a back-to-school look to how to tie the perfect top-knot.

4. Good health is key to beauty and you can keep an eye on your body mass index (BMI) with the BMI Calculator extension
The BMI index is a statistical measure that compares your weight and height to give you a useful estimate of what is a healthy body weight based on your height.

5. Keep those locks gorgeous. Create hairstyles that match your mood with the Guide to Fabulous Hairstyles mobile app 
Access hair care advice and unlock secrets to healthy, shiny hair on your smartphone.

6. Learn how to create delicious and healthy Mediterranean meals with the the Mediterranean Diet for All app in Chrome  
This app details how to put fruits, vegetables, unrefined cereals and healthy fats together for a healthy Mediterranean repast.

7. Give your profile picture an extra boost with the Beauty Camera mobile app 
This amazing app can help give you that dewy fresh look so your “selecta” pics always look amazing.

8. Create, track, and chart your workout routines online with the FitnessBliss Chrome app
This app will give you access to more than 750 animated fitness exercises, to help you refine your workout!

9. Know what's hot and what's not. Looking for a product review?
The Beauty Product Reviews mobile app brings together consumer reviews on for around 45,000 beauty products to help the savvy beauty shopper.

10. Between work, family and friends, life can be a little hard to balance sometimes
The Manage your life now app helps you do just that with a store of personal development tips and ideas on everything from stress management to how to motivate yourself.

This article was provided by The Hoffman Agency for Google.

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