Netizens are buzzing over Angelababy's new haircut

The popular model-actress has debuted a head-turning new coiffure. Yay or nay?

Netizens are buzzing over Angelababy's new haircut

Image: Lollipop

Angelababy recently attended an event in Shanghai as a brand spokesperson, sporting a brand new look.

She had cut her hair to her shoulder after keeping hair hair long for several years.

It portrayed a different image of her and many of her fans praised her as looking very cute and girl-like.

The model-actress appeared in a loose sweater, sneakers and did not stay longer for press interviews, but Angelababy would occasionally cover her belly with her arms as if to protect it from being too exposed, leading the media to suspect that she is pregnant.

A friend allegedly close to Angelababy disclosed to the press that she was spotted visiting a gynecologist recently.

This story was originally published on Lollipop.

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