SG guy confessions: 'Our worst oral sex experiences!'

Oral sex should always be an enjoyable experience – but it can result in some pretty horrific 'accidents'. Here, some Singaporean guys spill all on their most horrific oral sex stories


“I was in the middle of pleasuring this woman when she got her period. I was super grossed out but luckily I only realised it towards the end. It was pretty yucky.” – Darren*, 37, graphic designer

“I don’t care if a woman waxes down there or not, but the girl I was with had pubic stubble! Every time my tongue poked around down there it felt like it was getting pricked. It was uncomfortable, to say the least.” – Alexander*, 36, counsellor

“She couldn’t stop squirming and squealing the whole time. It was so distracting. It was nice to see her enjoying herself but she went overboard. And when she climaxed she pulled my hair so hard that she almost ripped my scalp off!” – Terence*, 29, events manager

“This woman would not let me come up for air. She kept my head pressed to her vagina and commanded me to keep tonguing her until she climaxed. By the time it was over I was practically begging for oxygen!” – Andrew*, 41, social media manager

*Names have been changed.

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