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Game of Thrones cast get high-fashion make-over and the results are 7 kingdoms of epic


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So, winter is here. It's FINALLY here, and after what feels like an eternity (but actually just one year) season 7 of Game of Thrones has come pounding back onto our screens. Our favourite characters (yes, we all do secretly love Cersei, we can't help it) have not disappointed with the new storyline, retaining their old and familiar attitude, witty commentary and their disheveled grey and miserable attire.

That being said, grey can get quite tiresome, which is why we were thrilled when famous fashion photographer Miles Aldridge took on the cast for his very own photoshoot. Published for Time magazine who had an entire issue dedicated to the talented cast and show, Miles Alridge stole our hearts by shooting them with a heavy nod towards the Renaissance era, but with a modern colourful and eclectic twist.  The results are absolutely divine and a far cry away from Westeros or Essos.



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What we particularly love about it, is seeing the actors and actresses come alive in a very different setting, The juxtaposition between the two makes the photoshoot even more exciting...who knew Cersei could STILL look so evil even with brunette hair?

Check out the below and if you haven't done so yet, tune in to watch the first episode of Game of Thrones season 7!  Hurry before the internet does what the internet does best - offer you a billion spoilers before you've even tuned in. Darn you social media.


Jon Snow vs Kit Harrington



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Cersei Lannister vs Lena Headey



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Jamie Lannister vs Nikolaj Coster-Waldau


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Tyrion Lannister vs Peter Dinklage


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Arya Stark vs Maisie Williams


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Sansa Stark vs Sophie Turner


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Daenerys Targaryen vs Emilia Clarke



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5 things you may not know about Louis Vuitton's Fall 2017 collection

Photo: Louis Vuitton


It celebrates a borderless world

As the world continues to work on building boundaries, either between countries (say, in the form of a wall) or between people, designer Nicolas Ghesquière envisioned a borderless, nomadic world undivided by frontiers of all kinds in the creation of the collection.

This is why you may have noticed that pieces have seamlessly merged the styles of great American sportswear classics together with Slavic accents, taken inspirations from the past and fused them with contemporary silhouettes, and injected urban classics with the enchanting lure of folklore elements.


Photo: Louis Vuitton


Plastic? No, that’s velvet devoré.

We promised unexpected, so here’s one: You could be forgiven for thinking that some of that shiny, plastic-like fabric worked into certain pieces in the collection is, indeed, made of plastic, but that’s actually velvet devoré. Wait, velvet, what?

Originating from the French word for devour (dévorer), devoré is a special fabric technique involving the literal devouring of fabric fibres to create patterns in the fabric. Chemically devouring, that is. To create the special fabric, a chemical gel is applied in patterns onto a mixed-fibre material to dissolve the cellulose-based fibres, leaving behind the semi-transparent protein-based fibres.


Photo: Louis Vuitton


In another display of Ghesquière’s experimental approach to design, the denim-like pants featured in the above look are again, not denim, but tailored cotton jersey treated to achieve a washed denim effect. Pants that combine the softness of cotton jersey with the laidback vibes of denim? Genius.


Photo: Louis Vuitton


Look ma, no boning!

For nomads, protection against the elements is important. Outerwear in varying styles therefore features prominently in the collection, ranging from tweed jackets, to shearling ones, to ones made of fur, and even to vests. Among these, a few stands out for their sculptured, corset-like shapes finished with stiff flares at the ends.

The surprising part? No boning is involved in the creation of the abovementioned flares, just the clever use of fabrics and garment construction techniques. As expected of Ghesquière.


Photo: Louis Vuitton


Masculine blurs with feminine, old blends with new

Still on the subject of outerwear, the blurred borders theme of the collection also means looks were designed to blend and balance masculinity with femininity.

Menswear-inspired jackets were belted at the waist to accentuate the female shape, while neoprene panels were added to toughen up tweed jackets.


Photo: Louis Vuitton


And in the spirit of fusing the old with the new, even a leather coat was given a contemporary update with black neoprene panels down the length of the arms.


Photo: Louis Vuitton


Bring out the chains

Perhaps in a nod to the revival of ‘60s chainmail, jewellery has been worked boldly into the ready-to-wear collection this time: in the form of a chain belt slung around the waist, as chains and tassels draped across jackets, or even hung around necks scarf-esque.


Photo: Louis Vuitton


Watch highlights from the show below:

HerWorld x HerWardrobe: Jade Seah talks her love for vintage and stealing from her husband's closet


Each week, we  barge our way into (okay, they did let us enter) the homes of popular stylish women in Singapore, all in the hopes of getting the low-down on their very enviable - and well-filled - closets. 

We hit the ground running with Love Bonito's adorable founder (and all round nice gal) Rachel Lim, delivering a two part series on her closet and personal styling tips.

Our second stylish stunner is none other than Singapore's beauty Jade Seah.



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Jade Seah has graced our TV screens after bagging the runner up position in Miss Universe 2006 and she has stolen our hearts ever since. The model, host, actress and TV personality is also a firm favourite in our Instagram feed, offering daily delights of her OOTDs, must-buys and general envious lifestyle.  If you want to find out how she crafts her selfies and products she uses to maintain her flawless finish, here's her tricks of the trade.  Oh, and if that isn't enough, we've also got all the celebrity gossip from Jade and many more stars on how to stay slim.



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We invaded (we mean we got invited) to talk to Jade about her style, and we discover she has a huge love for vintage items. We won't spoil the full video, so make sure you tune in above and take a peek - particularly at the quick-fire questions!



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For more on Jade, head over to our Bold Journey where we follow Jade's experience and stay at the mesmerizing (and delicious!) "The Grampians".



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9 powerful women deliver a strong personal style message for Fall 2017


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For her second season campaign for Christian Dior, artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri has once again put the spotlight on feminism and femininity. Nine models strike a pose for the Fall-Winter 2017-18 collection which focuses on contrasts and shades of blue.

Is Dior creating its own army of in-demand models with a strong personality and style, just like Olivier Rousteing did at Balmain? We will have to wait for future seasons to find out, but it's true that Maria Grazia Chiuri has signed up not one or two but nine high-profile models for Dior's Fall-Winter 2017 campaign.

Ruth Bell, who featured in the campaign for Maria Grazia Chiuri's very first collection for Dior, is back again for F/W 2017. She's accompanied by Grace Hartzel, Selena Forrest, Jing Wen, Adwoa Aboah, Fernanda Ly, Ellen Rosa, Aira Ferreira and Camille Hurel.



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Arms crossed, hands in pockets or hanging down by their sides, the faces of this new collection are staring down the lens with steely determination. Each of the shots for the campaign reveals the unique personality of each of these women and their rock-steady self-confidence

Dior's artistic director has once again entrusted her campaign to the French photographer Brigitte Lacombe, who has captured the feeling of solidarity between these individuals from different backgrounds.

For Spring-Summer 2017, Dior chose Ruth Bell and her sister May Bell, who were photographed by Brigitte Lacombe.



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Article first published on AFP RelaxNews

Christian Louboutin launches new 7 skin-shade heel collections and they're everything


A red sole is an iconic feature of the Louboutin shoe and a must-own for any label-lover. Aside from the social media posts to show off your stylish qualities in a flash of red, the Louboutin sole denotes quality and design. You have purchased a very special pair of shoes, so we will not begrudge you a slightly self-loving smug #slay IG image. Slay away my friends, slay away. 

But beyond a red sole, any savvy stylish girl will also know that her shoe rack needs more than just red - she needs nude too. Nude heels to be exact.



Show some spirit! Christian Louboutin’s twist on the classic nude shoe gives everyone something to cheer for.

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Nude heels are the secret to instant elongation of the leg, particularly paired with black. I always opt for a platform nude heel on my dates, teamed with a 'I look like girlfriend material but I may be a bit naughty on the sly too' LBD. I'm telling you, this combo works every time. Why? Because my legs look like I belong to an Amazonian tribe, with all thanks to my pair of nudes.

But why are they so brilliant? Well, it all lies in the fact that they blend into your natural skin tone, thus offering that leg-elongation illusion. Simple trick of the eyes and we're all for it!

Not only that, you'd be hard pushed to find an outfit they DON'T go with.  Nude dress? Matchy-matchy. Red skirt? Oh you've nailed it. Denim shorts? You've just made your pins look 100x longer.  Nude shoes, espeically heeled shoes, are a staple and if you don't own a pair yet, then you need to get on this pronto.

Louboutin (obviously) already has it's own sky-high nudes ranges but they've just expanded with two new extra collections and we can't cope.

Say hello to the Cherrysandal and the Christeriva!


"Platform Cherrysandal takes Nudes to new heights, equipped with a PVC back and floating ankle strap that add a layer of illusion on bare skin."



"Christeriva comes complete with a grosgrain double bow affixed atop a peep-toe sandal on an ultra-soft nappa leather base"



As you can see, not only are the press images superbly crafted and visually epic, they showcase just how the whole range caters for all of us. 

Boasting of the iconic red sole that does not destroy or detract away from the whole 'nude shoe' concept, these heels are crafted to show off our pins at their utmost best.

We're first in the queue to get our hands on a pair, and we're sure you'll be right behind us. 


Women, not men, lead the way down the fashion runways for higher pay

Image: Showbit

None of the dozens of buffed and toned men parading at the latest Milan menswear shows since Friday can dream of earning anything like female catwalk stars, or of equivalent fame.

While the likes of Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell have long since passed beyond the confines to fashion to become A-list celebrities, their male equivalents, like the American Sean O'Pry or Britain's David Gandy, remain largely unknown to the general public.

Gandy once observed: "Trust me to end up working in the only industry in the world where women get paid more than men, and treated loads better.

"In the hierarchy of a shoot, you have the photographer, the female model, the stylists, the assistants, then the male model. You are the lowest of the low."

Frederic Godart, a sociologist who specialises in fashion's place in society, explains: "Even if the markets for designer men's and women's clothes generate roughly the same sales, about $30 billion (26.8 billion euros) each, fashion remains an industry primarily aimed at women."

Image: Showbit

"The brands and the fashion magazines are more interested in a women's aesthetic assets, which help to sell product better and as a result that pushes up the value of female models," he told AFP.

Godart says there are around 1,000 young women worldwide who can make a comfortable living from top end modelling.

"In this world, it's 'winner takes all', which means the top female models tend to hit the jackpot and increase the gap with their male counterparts."

A 2013 survey by American magazine Forbes estimated that top model Bundchen had earned $42 million in the previous year, 28 times the amount the best-earning male model, O'Pry, managed to pull in.

Brazil's Bundchen however is an exception in the fashionsphere. At the top of her game for over 15 years, she can command fees that exceed those paid even to the likes of her compatriot Adriana Lima or Australia's Miranda Kerr by tens of thousands of dollars per show.

"The more you go down the hierarchy, the pay gap tends to narrow," says Godart. "The average salary of a model in the United States, male or female, is only around $30,000 a year."

Image: Showbit

Not everyone manages even to arrive at even this modest level. Many models live precariously and are forced to take on other jobs to make ends meet between assignments where sometimes employers will expect them to accept clothes as part of their payment.

French male model Baptiste Nicol however insists that "you can still earn a good living without being in the top 100 in the world".

"Working 15 days a month on average for catalogues, shows and tests, I end up with the same income as a company executive," says the 32-year-old, who describes himself as having had a modest career without ever leaving his home country.

Pay differentials with female colleagues? "They exist but also between different men. And you have to take into account that a male model will have his best earning years between 30 and 50" -- by which time most female models' maximum earning potential is behind them.

Rosa Sarli, director of the Elite modelling agency in Milan, says there is no set rule to determine how much a model gets paid.

"It can depend on a lot of things apart from physical attributes, like fame for example.

"If the model is married to a star or even the child of a celebrity, all that will push their price up."

Image: Showbit

Article first published on AFP Relax News

Not just another general store: Here are 7 reasons why you should visit Monument Lifestyle today

Photo: Monument Lifestyle


What is Californian chill? For Californian husband-and-wife team, Dustin Ramos, 36, and Iris Sangalang, 35, it’s a relaxed unhurried way of life with an emphasis on quality casual things.

The pair has lived in Japan, London and New York City (where they founded and sold tech and finance start-ups before moving to Singapore two and a half years ago for work). But Cali living is what inspired them to open their first store, Monument Lifestyle, here at 75 Duxton Road (instead of Amsterdam or LA) - a decision influenced by the people they’ve met here.

“People here are global citizens, more so than in San Francisco and New York City where we lived, which resonates with us,” says Sangalang, who is expecting the couple’s first child. “And we figured it would be a great place to raise a family.”


Photo: Monument Lifestyle


To differentiate their general store from others, the couple did what most IT folks do: fill a gap in the market. “We found it’s hard to find high-quality, curated menswear here,” says Sangalang.

Designed for relaxed browsing with product selections kept streamlined to not overwhelm their target group - men - with too many choices, the front half of the store stocks a tightly edited selection of menswear, homewear, grooming and gift items from American brands loved by the couple, most of which are new here and exclusive to Monument Lifestyle.

Here are seven highlights:


1. Alex Mill


Photo: Monument Lifestyle


Launched by the son of J Crew’s founder, Alex Mill makes the best basics in some of the best cotton, like this triple stitched woven cotton shirt that is hardy even if the living is easy.


2. Faherty


Photo: Monument Lifestyle


Twin brothers Alex and Mike Faherty (the latter used to work for Ralph Lauren) work with mostly family-owned manufacturers and use sustainable and unique fabrics to create Faherty’s comfortable cotton clothing. Sangalang and Ramos recommends their cotton twill pants, which work equally well for dress down Fridays in the office and for running errands around town in comfort (and style).


3. P.F. Candle Co



Indie candle maker P.F. Candle Co was founded by Kristen Pumphrey, who started making candles at age 12 using US grown soy wax and essential oils. The candles come in simple apothecary style bottles but boast intriguing scents like Teakwood and Tobacco, which features notes of musk and leather cut with the freshness of orange and patchouli.


4. Gentlemen’s Hardware


Photo: Monument Lifestyle


Gentlemen’s Hardware makes both grooming products (like beard oil and beard conditioner for the follically endowed), and uber-cool lifestyle products that would make great gifts for the men in your life. We recommend the tablet sized barbeque pit (pictured above) for bbqing on the go.


5. Hanz de Fuko


Photo: Monument Lifestyle


Grooming brand Hanz de Fuko may not be a stranger to many, but Monument stocks a particularly wide selection from the brand - even a shampoo and conditioner on top of the styling products they are know for. And don’t be shy to try the testers on display. “We’ve had a groom-to-be come in every day for a week to try each Hanz de Fuko product before he finally settled on one for his wedding day,” says Ramos.


6. Brews from San Francisco


Photo: Monument Lifestyle


And of course, Monument Lifestyle wouldn’t be California-ish if it didn’t have a cafe. Parked in the back half of the store, it serves San Franciscan brews from Four Barrel Coffee and organic, single-origin tea blends from Samovar tea.

Says Sangalang, “Four Barrel are known for their seed to cup ethos, but most of all – for their fantastic coffee, which speaks for itself. The perfect cup of coffee is a daily monumental moment that we almost all love to indulge in.”

You’d be guaranteed a consistent cup of joe every time you visit the cafe, not only because of their top quality beans, but also because coffees here are brewed using a Poursteady machine, which produces a perfect cup of coffee every time.

For tea lovers, Monument Lifestyle serves Earl Grey Black, Ryokucha Green, Turmeric Spice Herbal, Rooibos Ocean of Wisdom Herbal, and Samovar tea’s famous Masala Chai.


7. Artisanal toasts


Photo: Monument Lifestyle


On top of the pastries, yogurt, and sandwiches by local sandwich joint Park Bench Deli, be sure to try the stars of Monument Lifestyle’s menu - the open-face toasts served with chewy, tangy sourdough that took Sangalang, Ramos, and a local baker “three months and a whole lot of sourdough in our bellies to perfect.” We vouch for the avocado and lemon curd options.


Art direction: Penny Seow

Photograhy: Darren Chang & Vernon Wong

This story was first published in the July 2017 issue of Her World magazine. 

Beloved Taiwanese diva Pauline Lan nails ALL her #OOTD looks. Here’s how she does it

Photo: Courtesy of Starhub

Taiwanese diva-host Pauline Lan is nothing short of eye-catching on the fashion front: she’s never one to shy away from clashing prints, pom pom headbands, floral crowns, feather jackets and sequin dresses.

Which is why it’s no surprise the 51-year-old star has earned herself the unofficial title of ‘Fashion Queen’ over the last 15 years hosting Lady First, one of the longest running and most beloved variety shows on tellie.

The show, which boasts A-list celebrity appearances including Shu Qi and Ruby Lin, has been so successful that it’s launched its first overseas spin-off — Lady First Singapore — some five years ago right here on our sunny shores.


Off-screen, Pauline swaps her vibrant wardrobe for something a tad simpler. “I love wearing black T-shirt dresses and slippers,” she tells us when we meet to chat about the latest season of Lady First Singapore, which features resident beauty gurus Kevin Chou, Wu Yi Lin and Xiao Kai.  

“They make me feel comfortable! When it’s summer, I’ll wear one that falls to my knees and when it’s cold, I’ll pick a longer one and throw on a pair of socks and jacket,” she adds.  

The stark contrast between her professional and personal closets means she’s almost unrecognisable to her television crew in her off-duty outfits. “When I arrive in the studio in the morning, nobody recognises me because I’m in my glasses and without a wig,” she reveals with a laugh.


Pauline is just fine with being low-key in person. In fact, blending in with the crowd gives her the freedom to do what she wants without worrying about being ‘papped’.

“I’ve never dyed my white strands so it makes it hard for people to know who I am until they hear my voice. Since nobody knows who I am whenever I’m in my own clothes and without makeup, I’m free to pick my nose and nobody will care!” she jokes.

Read on as we catch up with the candid host in our one-to-one interview on what she loves most about Singapore, her styling tips, fashion splurges and more.

Photo: Courtesy of Starhub

Hi Pauline, welcome to Singapore again! What do you look forward to whenever you’re in town?

Pauline: I’m always excited to see my [reality show] Lady First’s ‘troop members’ because we only get to see one another in this show once a year. And us being women, we’ll catch up on whatever’s happening at home and chat about marriage.

It’s been five years since we started Lady First Singapore so I’ve become good friends with my show guest [Singapore actress and host] Lina Ng. Even when I’m back in Taiwan, we’ll still WhatsApp each other.

About a month before the filming, I’ll receive a rundown of each Lady First Singapore episode. It lists the products that we’ll be discussing in the show and I can’t wait to test drive all of them to see if they really work.


What do you always buy when you’re in Singapore?

Pauline: Instant noodles and curry sauce! Also, whenever I’m in Singapore, I love exploring the different fashion stores to find new things. For this trip, I’m really happy to have found some traditional Indian accessories at one of the stores in Little India.

My crew and I saw all these beautiful accessories when we were on our bus passing by Little India and we asked the driver to stop and let us down to shop.    


What do you love about Singapore?

Pauline: I like the weather, people and accent here. Regardless of the language, I find that Singaporeans have a very unique and distinctive accent that sounds very friendly to me. Because of the accent, I find it very easy to recognise Singaporeans no matter what country I’m in.


Throughout your career, you’ve had many fashion transformations that made fans go, “Whoa!” Have you always been so daring when it comes to fashion?

Pauline: I always look forward to working with different stylists especially the ones that I’ve never worked before. This is because it’s very interesting to see myself through their eyes. The results are very different from how I usually dress myself.

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You’re a pro at mixing and matching your outfits. How do you do that?

Pauline: There are no hard and fast rules so I’d say just go with your feelings! Since my eyes can’t differentiate between red and green, I don’t match my accessories according to colours. Somehow, the result almost never looks too weird on me.

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What’s your most memorable fashion moment?

Pauline: I once did a Cleopatra-inspired look for a magazine cover about 30 years ago. Even when I look back at it now, it still looks very relevant and ageless. I’m proud to have tried different looks throughout my career.


What’s been your biggest fashion splurge?

Pauline: Bags! But I buy them for my collection at home and usually don’t bring them out. Instead, I rely on a black Lanvin bag that I’ve been using for so many years that its straps have come off. I had them sewn back because I love it so much.


Besides fashion, we also know you’re quite a durian fan…

Pauline: Yes! In Taiwan, it’s hard to find durians that are imported from Malaysia. So whenever I’m here, I’m also excited to get my hands on durians. When I was here last month, it wasn’t the durian season so I didn’t get to taste any.

Since it’s the durian season now, I’ve had my fill! That’s why I’ll always put on two to four kilograms when I visit Singapore.


We’re really envious of your flawless skin. What’s your secret?

Pauline: Because of my job, I tend to put on a lot of thick makeup, so I’ll always make sure that I remove my makeup properly. Instead of rubbing the cleansing oil onto my face, I’ll massage it gently to avoid lines from forming.

As for my lips and eyes, I’ll soak a cotton pad with cleansing water and place it over the areas for a while before gently wiping off the makeup. Afterwhich, I’ll use a cleansing oil again on my entire face to remove any remaining residues.

Lady First Singapore Season 5 will premiere on Hub E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/825) on July 25, 2017, every Tuesday at 9pm.

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If you love floral prints, H&M’s new designer collaboration will excite you


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Earlier this year, we broke the news about Uniqlo’s tie-up with British designer Jonathan Anderson; later on, we learned that American fashion designer Marc Jacobs has also collaborated with shoe brand Vans for an artsy capsule collection that was released last month; and of course, some 300 fans had started queuing outside the Louis Vuitton Ion Orchard boutique days before the launch of the LVxSupreme collection.

And now, the next designer collaboration that’ll send all fashion lovers into a frenzy is none other than H&M’s yearly designer collaboration.

The fast fashion label has been keeping rather tight-lipped about this for quite some time now so obviously we’re very excited to find out who exactly will join the ranks of past collaborators including Karl Lagerfeld, Olivier Rousteing, Jimmy Choo, just to name a few.    

News finally broke yesterday when H&M announced through its Instagram that the latest designer partnership is with Canadian/Turkish designer Erdem Moralioglu.

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For those of you who’ve been following Hollywood stars closely, Erdem is no stranger.

The London-based designer—who started his eponymous brand in 2005—has dressed some of the biggest names on the silver screen, including Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman and Emma Watson.  


A post shared by H&M (@hm) on

Known for his romantic frocks and his penchant for all things floral, Erdem says of the collaboration: “I was so excited! It's such an honour to join the group of designers who have collaborated with H&M.”

From left: H&M creative advisor Ann-Sofie Johansson, designer Erdem Moralioglu, and filmmaker Baz Luhrmann. Photo: H&M

While the full official lookbook hasn’t been released at this point, H&M did release a teaser video that’s shot by famous film director Baz Luhrmann whose notable works include Moulin Rouge! and The Great Gatsby.

From the clip, we got a sneak peek at what to expect from the collection and it seemed like Erdem had retained his usual feminine floral touches for both the womens- and menswear designs.

The upcoming ERDEM X H&M collection—slated for release on November 2, 2017— also marks the womenswear designer’s debut menswear designs.

“I found it a real joy,” says Erdem. “There has to be an easiness to menswear, and a sense of reality. I’m so happy with it, and I think so many women are going to love the men’s collection too.”


A post shared by H&M (@hm) on

We’ll be sure to update you with more photos from the collection along the way. See you in the queue come November!

The designer collaboration that Singaporeans are excited about


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At least 300 people were already in queue at 6.40am on Thursday (July 13, 2017) for Louis Vuitton's collaboration with New York-based streetwear label Supreme when The Straits Times visited the luxury brand's store at Ion Orchard.

The shoppers were hoping to get their hands on a raffle ticket that will guarantee them entry to the collection's launch on Friday.

The collection has garnered so much buzz that it prompted the French luxury brand to organise the raffle registration on Thursday.

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Even though the registration started at 7am, excited fans had started queueing outside the store last Friday in a false start - not knowing that the collection will be available for sale in Singapore only from 10.30am on Friday.

They were eventually turned away.


Invaded by the most famous logo in the world. #lvxsupreme

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Those in line on Thursday morning had to hope that their ballot number, which was auto-generated at random by Louis Vuitton staff on a iPad, would fall between 1 and 350 making them eligible for a raffle ticket to Friday's launch.

Anyone with a number outside that range will not get a ticket.

The one-time balloting was for crowd-control purposes, and non-ticket holders will be allowed to shop items from the collaboration only after all the ticket holders have bought their items - that is, if there are any items left.

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Supreme enjoys cult-like popularity mainly due to the brand's association with popular skateboarders such as Mark Gonzales and Sean Pablo.

Mr Muhammad Syahir Mohamad Tahir, 17, was the first person in line on Thursday morning. He had been queueing since 6pm on Wednesday.

But as his ballot number turned out to be 630, he did not get a raffle ticket. He walked away disappointed and said he was heading home.

He had been hoping to get his hands on some shirts and bags from the collaboration, which was unveiled during Men's Fashion Week in Paris in January.

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The collaboration includes items such as leather backpacks, denim jackets and iPhone cases, most of which will be branded in Supreme's signature red hue or Louis Vuitton's monogram print.

Louis Vuitton declined to reveal prices of the items in the collaboration.

Mrs H.L. Goh, 32, who works in a PR agency, was one of the lucky 350 to get a raffle ticket. Her ballot number was 123.

She had started queuing since 10pm on Wednesday night along with her husband. He had brought chairs for both of them to sit on. She rushed off quickly after receiving her ticket to go to work.

Shoppers who want to shop for other Louis Vuitton items not in the collaboration can still enter the store via a separate entrance.

Apart from Singapore, the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collection is also available in selected cities worldwide including Sydney, Seoul and Miami.

This story first appeared on The Straits Times on July 13, 2017.