7 to-do list apps for a more organised new year

1)   Quest: Level up your life

Every time you complete a task, you earn a little green jewel that helps you “level up”. Every level unlocks new equipment for your little avatar. 


10 super easy ways to upgrade your most casual look

If you’re blessed to work in a more casual than smart-casual work environment or relish in your off-duty weekend style, these tips are for you. See how you can make a simple white tee and blue jeans outfit look A-list worthy and the other tricks that make every basic #ootd a lesson in style.

6 smart and stylish ways to dress for Singapore's hot weather!

Moving from (mostly) cold and rainy London earlier this year to Singapore's hot and humid climate has definitely called for sartorial adjustments. As well as leaving my beloved sheepskin, shearling and trenches across the ocean I've had to adapt to how to dress for sunnier, sweatier climes. Here are the tried and tested tips I've discovered:

Image: Showbit, outside the SS15 Mugler show in Paris


8 unmissable backstage & runway moments from Digital Fashion Week Singapore!

As the previously elusive world of fashion shows becomes more and more accessible via Instagram, Periscope and live-streaming, we bring you the most pixilated of all fashion weeks, Singapore’s own Digital Fashion Week via our all-access view. Here are our favourite backstage and runway moments from Day 4 (and the final day) of DFW 2015:

#1 Models love to dance, laugh and play backstage!

We loved seeing the camaraderie and fun-loving spirit of the girls backstage, proving friendship, fashion and fun do go hand in hand! 

10 things we loved about DFW Day 1 including some super hot models

Day 1 of Digital Fashion Week 2015 saw an infusion of youth and history coming together. Singapore’s top chinese newspaper, Lianhe Zaobao and designers from fashion schools MDIS, NAFA and Raffles Design Institute showcased alongside 12 local fashion designers including Amos Ananda, Max Tan and Zhou Jun. 

How to wear a party dress to more than one event!

We’re all guilty of splurging serious dollars on one item, be it a chic all-in-one, statement dress or occasion-specific outfit to look amazing for one night only, but there are ways to make your purchase worth it. Read on for 4 tips to wear that dress you bought for a birthday, gala or end-of-year party go the distance:


Image: Showbit, Lily Donaldson in Saint Laurent 


How to wear heels all day in the office without feeling pain!

We love heels, really we do, they elevate us, our outfits and our moods instantly! Well, mostly, until they start to kill the balls of our feet and make us wish we had never, ever decided to give ourselves a few extra inches that morning. For the days when you’re running from meeting to meeting and not in the office all day, able to subtly kick off your heels for some sweet relief, we’ve got some great tips and tricks for how to ensure you can wear your heels (relatively) painlessly…