TRUE STORY: "My boyfriend pawned my heirloom jewellery while we were together"
Out of a job and desperate for cash, Sarah’s* ex stole her collection of precious jewellery, betraying her trust and losing her love and respect in the process
True story: “My ex tried to ruin my life after I dumped him”
Jeslyn”, 33, says that her ex-boyfriend Joseph* stalked her repeatedly after their break-up and was so sore about being dumped that he tried to sabotage her new relationship and her job
TRUE STORY: “My ex-boyfriend asked me to slap him to prove I no longer loved him”
He stood by the ECP and threatened to run across if I didn’t stay with him
TRUE STORY: “I dumped my boyfriend because he was addicted to gaming!”
While I loved his childlike enthusiasm for life, I couldn't deal with his childish gaming habit
True Story: “I had to change jobs after my work husband fell in love with me”
Things were going swimmingly until he started wanting to hang out after work too
True story: "While my boyfriend was suffering with cancer, I fell in love with his best friend"
When she realised her love for her boyfriend’s best friend, Lydia* was surprised. But the 35-year-old PR executive allowed her feelings to develop and is now happy in a new relationship, nearly two years after her boyfriend’s death
TRUE STORY: "I had a stroke but I didn't realise it until the next day"
It turns out you can get a stroke even if you're in your thirties, and even if you don't have a bad medical history
TRUE STORY: “I caught my husband trying on my clothes!”
He betrayed my trust but will I be able to get over this bump in our relationship?
TRUE STORY: "After our divorce, we became better parents and closer friends"
Deborah* shares how her co-parenting arrangement with her ex-husband helped repair their relationship
True Stories: “Our husbands manipulated us psychologically into doubting our own sanity”
The term gaslighting takes its name from the 1944 hit film Gaslight, about a woman whose husband cons her into thinking she’s losing the plot. Two women tell us how reel life became their realities, when their own husbands started gaslighting them
TRUE STORY: "My ex-husband and I get along way better now that we've split up!"
Divorce isn't always the end of the world. It is possible to end a marriage on good terms - no ugly dramas, no petty grievances, just an enviably good friendship. Jessica* shares her story
For six years, Sheila*, 35, was physically and emotionally abused by her husband, Rick*. But no one close to the couple knew. Here, she shares why she kept the violence a secret for so long
TRUE STORY: “My husband left me after we found out I might be infertile”
At 37, Stacey* was dealt a double blow – first, she discovered that she had a rare condition that made it near-impossible for her to have children, and then her husband of six years told her that he didn’t want to be with her anymore
True Story: “He told his mum he wanted to marry me – before our first date”
An invite to a stranger's wedding, secretly taken Instagram pictures and her picture sent to his mum were just some red flags