Dear Krispy Kreme: Please do not come to Singapore

An Open Letter to Krispy Kreme:
Dear Krispy Kreme,
Please do not come to Singapore.
You probably don’t remember me, but I remember you. Trust me, I know you really well. I know, so intimately, your deep-fried goodness, and the delicate crystalline glaze that splinters into translucent sugary specks with each bite.


Bakers-for-a-day at PAUL boulangerie

Me, a bread maker? I don’t bake; I merely stand dumbfounded, handing the actual bakers-at-work the tools and ingredients that they need. Whether I’m with friends baking brownies from pre-made mixes or cookies from scratch, my involvement typically includes no more than handing friends cups of water. And pouring the cookie batter onto the trays.Non-existent baking skills withstanding, I did try my hand at baking, courtesy of PAUL boulangerie. So together with other fellow journalists, we turned bakers for an afternoon. Or rather, the head baker’s very curious assistants.

My quest for chili

Super spicy chips and Sriracha chili sauce you can buy online.
 I remember when I was much younger, I used to pester my aunt (who lived in Melbourne at the time) to buy me bags and bags of Kettle Chili Potato Chips.
Now, these Kettle Chili Potato Chips aren’t your normal supermarket variety. They were the spiciest, singularly most satisfying bag of chips I had ever eaten in my life. Compared to the lacklustre chilli flavoured chips Singapore had then (and actually now too), those Kettle Chili Potato Chips were like gods of the potato chip world.

I like eating animals…

I am a staunch omnivore, and make no apologies for it.
I’ve had friends try vegetarian and vegan diets in a bid to either get healthier or do their part for animal rights, and while I applaud their idealism and high-mindedness, I’ve always been certain that I could never put myself through that sort of – dare I say it – torture.

Would you pay for a 60-minute lunch?

In The Sunday Times on September 12, there was a short report entitled “Eateries impose time limit on weekend dining”. It highlighted the recent trend of Chinese restaurants setting 60 to 90-minute time limits on diners for weekend lunches or dinners.

This didn’t sit well with some diners, who said they wouldn’t want to be rushed when they were paying money to sit and dine.

“If I want to eat and go, then I will visit a coffee shop,” a 43-year-old psychometrist -- an occupation I didn’t know existed until this report -- was quoted as saying.

I declare my undying love for bubble tea

What could be so great about bubble tea that it warrants a blog entry about it? The drink with the little starch balls in them just seems to have a spell on me.

My favourite flavour is good ’ol milk tea. I never order anything else. I just like tea in general – I can down 3 cups of tehs (tea with sinful condensed milk) in a day and bubble tea is an extension of that obsession. And isn’t it amazing that what many thought was another passing fad has become part of the diets of young and old alike? The bubble tea craze cuts across generations.

I eat the best food every day…

My dad’s probably going to blush 10 different shades of red when I tell him I’ve specially dedicated a blog post to his awesome cooking, but I’m going to do it anyway.

Whether it’s his fragrant nasi lemak or quite simply plain porridge with a couple of condiments, I’d wolf my dinner down and complain he’s cooked too much. But really, I’m just happily satiated and feeling blessed to be eating homecooked food with my parents around our tiny coffee table as we try to outwit the contestants on Wheel of Fortune.

About Ferran Adria

If you are a food groupie, the last two weeks of the World Gourmet Summit must have been a whirlwind of a gastronomical delight. There were just so many activities packed into every single day: tastings of wondrous wines, dinners prepared by celebrity chefs and culinary masterclasses held by Michelin-starred chefs.
But the biggest news this year is the guest appearance of El Bulli's Ferran Adria, the world's leading arbiter of molecular gastronomy. This is Ferran's first official appearance as a professional chef.

It's Just Dessert

 Why You Must Eat Dessert
I don’t understand why most people don’t eat dessert.
I can only attribute it to our Asian eating culture which revolves around main courses. Our emperors hold grand gestures like double-digit-course banquets only to finish off with … tea. I guess after being stuffed by heavy food groups like starchy staples and meats, there is hardly any room left for more.

Swiss, Miss?

I have the disadvantage of not looking my age. Boyish-face, a friend described me once. Too freshly scrubbed, offered another. In this food industry where I operate as an authority on lifestyle matters – food  and wine being a huge part – this is often not a good thing.Especially at wine-tastings, people have often taken one look at me and assumed that I am not even of legal age to touch fermented sugars. Never mind that I had drank my way through my years abroad from Milan to Verona to New York to Miami.