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This tip for calming sensitive skin really works  costs nothing! T.png

This tip for calming sensitive skin really works & costs nothing!

Sometimes the simplest DIY tricks turn out to be the most sensible. Hand on heart, this incredibly intuitive beauty hack is the ultimate secret to my cough, milky complexion!

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7 great eye makeup removers

When you’re done with a party at two in the morning, the last thing you want is to deal with mascara that won’t come off. Save your eyes the trouble as I review 7 of the best eye makeup removers in town

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7 essential bras every woman must have

Your bra may be hidden most of the time but it forms the foundation of any outfit and plays a big part in making or breaking your look. To cover all bases, every girl needs to own these 7 essential bras. Here’s our checklist of must-have bras

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Awesome KitKat Pudding you heat up to eat

Always wanted to heat up your chocolate? This new KitKat Pudding gives you a reason to

Ayumi Hamasaki 200.jpg

Ayumi Hamasaki to perform in Singapore

One of the biggest summer music festivals in Japan makes its way to Singapore, with none other than J-Pop queen Ayumi Hamasaki as its headlining star

5 health reasons why you need a beach holiday now

Getting R&R is the whole point of a beach vacation, right? But if you do need more reason to book that beach getaway, here are five health benefits from hanging out on the sand and frolick in the sea water

Warning! Is your cup of coffee causing wrinkles and dry skin T.png

Warning! Is your cup of coffee causing wrinkles and dry skin?

Say it ain’t so! If you need your daily joe to function, this piece of bad news may be an unwelcome jolt to your system – but there’s hope yet for us beauty and caffeine addicts if you follow this simple trick to staying wrinkle-free!

high tea deals 200.jpg

15 places to go for high tea in Singapore

Sit back, eat well and chat the afternoon away over lobster rolls, scones and sashimi and more at these high tea spots

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22 August 2014
6 September 2014


Hashtag SaveZouk: An ode to Zouk

With its lease ending in 2014, this might be Zouk’s last year in action. I take a trip down memory lane to recall all the iconic moments spent at 17 Jiak Kim Street and wonder where 18-year-olds will celebrate their coming of age now


Which of these hot hair trends are you most likely to try?


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