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Kinokuniya Orchard moves up one floor in Takashimaya

Though our beloved bookstore is moving to a smaller space, the English selections are as wide as before. The rest of the titles will be trimmed down and made available online

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Five things every girl needs to train for & survive her first 10km run

Is a proper run on your bucket list? Start training for your first 10km run or even marathon with our list of training must-haves. From gadgets, workout gear to running club, you will zoom to the finish line and live to tell the tale!

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Is your best friend bad for your mental health?

Is your BFF an elevator or stabiliser? Read on and see whether you're getting the best out of the people you surround yourself with!

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Meet YouTube stars Jenn Im, Stephanie Villa and more in Singapore

At the DFWInsider Meet & Greet with herworldPLUS, you'll get up-close and personal with over a dozen YouTube stars and style bloggers that include Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters, Stephanie Villa (SoothingSista) and more at this meet-and-greet that we're hosting!

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6 dog and cat cafes in Singapore you need to visit

Whether you’re a cat lady or a dog lover, these pet cafes will have you drowning in cuteness. You can even bring your own pets to some of them!

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4 ways to make your work commute fun

Turn your dreaded commute into a fun morning routine and make the most of your time whether you are on the train, bus, or driving a car

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6 restaurants to go for Halloween dinner

Dying to try something new this Halloween? Here are some top restaurants to visit this Halloween month, in no particular order

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5 places to eat hairy crab in Singapore

Hairy crab season is back again and this year we bring you a wide assortment of hairy crabs, from hairy crab in a xiao long bao to hairy crabs braised in bird’s nest

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4 ways to handle your new job (like a pro)

Avoid being caught unawares with these situations at work with this cheat sheet

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8 frightfully-good parties to be at for Halloween 2014

From Halloween events for the family to the hardcore parties for scare fanatics, we have it covered with this party list

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5 easy and festive coffee recipes to try

Savour the taste of hazelnut, apple crumble and chocolate mint in your coffee with the festive new Nespresso coffee capsules, plus try out these cool recipes that you can use them for too!

Most beautiful thing to eat when you have heartbreak Not chocolate! T.png


Best thing to eat to cure heartbreak? (Not chocolate!)

Sam Smith and Adele on repeat? If you're feeling blue, try loading up on these comfort foods that are said to mend a broken heart!

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Going abroad? This app will pick out the best places to eat!

Travel publisher Mr and Mrs Smith’s new gourmet food app will pick out the best eating and staying places for any overseas trip so you don’t have to. Not travelling? The app provides recipes for restaurant quality food too!

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Why you'll now spend even more time at cocktail bar Jigger & Pony

You no longer need to run next door to sister bar Sugarhall for a more substantial meal - Jigger & Pony's new menu introduces plates that will more than satisfy the munchies

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Review: Soft serve ice-cream you have to try at Honey Creme Singapore

WATCH VIDEO: See how soft serve ice-cream chain Honey Creme serves up an addictive cotton candy soft serve - this could just start the next dessert craze! We share this and more must-tries at its first Singapore store

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5 yummy alternatives to starchy comfort food

We love the rainy months but the cold weather makes us more susceptible to reaching for that bowl of hot, steaming mac and cheese. Here are some alternatives to warm you right up

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6 restaurants to go for Halloween dinner

Dying to try something new this Halloween? Here are some top restaurants to visit this Halloween month, in no particular order



Food review: Khun Mee Thai Noodle Bar

Thai-Chinese eatery is the first casual dining restaurant in Singapore to serve the street food classic Ba Mee

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5 new cafes to check out in Chinatown

Can't get enough of cafe-hopping? Then do visit these new foodie spots; including one opened by Singapore stars Felicia Chin and Sora Ma

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Can you guess Singapore’s favourite home delivery food?

We know Singapore is a land of dedicated foodies but what’s the most popular food that gets home delivered on those days when we can’t be bothered to stand in line? The answer might surprise you!

Watch out for dog 'police' dressed like Sherlock Holmes T.png


Watch out for dog 'police' dressed like Sherlock Holmes

A bunch of citizen patrols in this town has resorted to dressing up like Sherlock Holmes to catch canine offenders committing this crime; click to find out what!

More friends on Facebook bigger hotel discount T.png


More friends on Facebook, bigger hotel discount

We're living in strange times! A new hotel reservation site is offering discounts of up to 50 percent on room rates to customers who have a large social media following. Madness?

Hunt for a $4000 diamond hiding in a champagne flute! T.png


Hunt for a $4,000 diamond hiding in a champagne flute!

This is one high-stakes game of hide-and-seek. The Charles Hotel in Munich, Germany is planning something really special this New Year's Eve; read on to find on what!

5 girlie getaways under $200 a night THUMBNAIL


5 girlie getaways for under $200 a night!

Gather your girls and hop on a plane – the boutique hotel hunters at Mr & Mrs Smith have found five high-luxe lady-pleasers for as little as $102 a night. Whether you’re craving cocktails, coffee, spa treatments, coastal perfection or just cosseting and soft linens, you’ll find it here


5 unexpected wine destinations

Napa Valley in the States and Rhone Valley in France? Been there, done that. If you love your reds and whites, plan your next holiday to these five countries, including nearby Thailand. Who knew these popular tourist destinations boasted great quality wines?

6 fitness focused holidays that are also fun THUMBNAIL


6 fitness focused holidays that are also fun

On holiday it’s easy to succumb to too much good food, cocktails and no exercise, so here’s a list of energetic holidays that won’t feel like a fitness regime but will still help keep you in shape from beaches to adventure activities

Top 10 swim up hotel bars around the world THUMBNAIL


Top 10 swim-up hotel bars around the world

Stylish, chic and above all – convenient, swim-up bars mean you can order a round without even leaving the pool. Here are the top 10 from around the world for your next international holiday

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6 indie cafes in Johor Bahru to check out

Can't get enough of cafes? These coffee spots ought to be on your list for your next road trip to Johor Bahru

yolo travel experiences THUMBNAIL


Top 10 #yolo travel experiences

#yolo … You Only Live Once, so don’t miss out on these amazing travel experiences that were voted the top 10 travel destinations in a recent survey


4 ways to combat jet lag

Jet lag sucks, whether you are overseas for work or play, or just touched down back home. We have four ways to help you combat jet lag so you will be full of energy wherever you are in the world



Spa Element's Anniversary Spa Party

Be one of the 15 lucky members to win a pair of exclusive invites to the Spa Element's Anniversary Party


Forget weaving through shops and counters, TANGS has all you need for Christmas


Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Polish gives you gel shine without UV light


1DNorth, mixology, girlfriends and a boat = Ultimate girls night out!


Repair, restore, and rejuvenate your skin in Fresh’s Black Tea


Pamper yourself in Millenia Walk’s beauty stores


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Subtle enhancement for maximum effect - Gangnam Laser Clinic


The latest beauty buys just got better. TANGS is teaming up with brands to give back to charity


Clinique Smart is a serum that repairs skin damage before you see it 


Use these tips and products to keep your skin soft, firm and radiant!



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