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3 fun things to do with Doraemon this Christmas

Get your fill of cult character Doraemon with a bunch of cute themed activities for Christmas will delight both young and old with colouring sprees, plush toys and more!

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Stuff to do

Lily Allen is performing live in Singapore!

Get ready to groove, tongue in cheek, as Lily Allen sashays her way to Singapore’s Star Theatre for a night of liberal crudity and um, ‘very black music’

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Do we have too many art fairs in Singapore?

During December, it tends to get jam packed with art festivals and conventions. The Affordable Art Fair, Singapore Art Fair, Bank Art Fair and Sport Art are happening within this fortnight. How much is too much?

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8 burgers with a twist to try

Take for example: A buah keluak burger. Satay burgers. Tofu burgers. Burgers that have buns made up of ramen noodles. The possibilities are almost endless. Your move, Mcdonald’s!

Stuff to do

Sparkly gifts & a dazzling skyline from Tiffany & Co. for Christmas

SEE PHOTOS: In a highly-glamorous campaign, jeweller Tiffany & Co. is dazzling the night sky by lighting up the Singapore Flyer in a brilliant blue to match its range of pretty, sparkly things to add to your wish list this Christmas

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Stuff to do

Turn your dog into a teddy bear

How cute! Munchkin the shih tzu became a Halloween hit this year when her owner Cindy made the call to reuse their old teddy bear in the most ingenious way possible

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Stuff to do

7 of the funniest beauty tutorials ever!

If you have to google ‘funny makeup tutorial’, it’s probably not that funny but after years of prowling the internet, we have inadvertently found some of the funniest of YouTube’s endless supply of makeup tutorials and we want to share them with you

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Stuff to do

This weird “Lickable Skin” cocktail tastes like a clean shaven man

Thanks to the Museum of Sex in New York, you can have a taste of clean shaven man, even when the hubby isn’t home. The cocktail can be called sex in a glass, but without the glass...

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Stuff to do

Must read: 50 things to love about Singapore

For The Straits Times’ 170th anniversary next year, ‘50 things to love about Singapore’ was launched this November 6, 2014; a love letter to Singapore. Edited by senior writer Susan Long, the book was described as a collection of keenly observed essays from ST’s most distinguished reporters

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Stuff to do

4 surprisingly dirty things that people don’t clean

You’re not as clean as you might think! Even if you’re a self confessed ‘clean freak’, these four areas tend to hide germs and dirt everybody tends to overlook

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Where to go for fantastic Christmas food

Great celebrations come with equally great pressure to decide where best to eat. Let us take that pressure away from you, just pick one of our favourite places for your Christmas dining

Chotto Matte - Signature Yakitori.jpg


Five new Japanese dining concepts in Singapore to check out

Chill out over yakitori, or go luxe with kaiseki - there's something for everyone with these new concepts

1japfood THUMB.jpg


8 foods to eat at Jurong’s Japanese food fair

For ten days at the Rakuten Japan Gourmet Festival, vendors are bringing in all sorts of authentic, high end Japanese food. From handmade sweets to grilled salmon in kelp, here are the foods you shouldn’t miss!

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Get meals delivered to your desk everyday with this lunch system

Tired of the canteen food served at your office everyday? FoodMatters is a customisable lunch delivery service that sends a meal of your choice to your workplace whenever you like!

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Check out these (BIG) bite sized snacks

Premium bakery Loaf from New Zealand is arriving in Singapore for its 10th anniversary, and its Sweet Range is already here! Loaf boasts of its natural ingredients, popularity and being halal – so naturally we do a taste test

rhubarb dessert THUMB.jpg


Would you try a vegetable sorbet?

The rhubarb looks kind of similar the not-so-attractive beetroot, but don’t let that cow you! The pigments just mean that you are consuming different types of antioxidants. This rhubarb sorbet isn’t just refreshing, it means you are doing your gut a favor as well!

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6 fast selling Christmas takeaways you need to book now!

Roasts, log cakes and Christmas cookies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Christmas takeaways. Don’t forget the endless amounts of puddings, hams and marinated olives! Here, we tell you the ones you need to chope, now

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8 cosy nooks to get authentic Chinese tea

There’s just a zen-like quality about teahouses that you can’t quite pin down - something about the leafy flavoured water, quiet chatter and the gentle scraping sounds of ceramic lids. We show you our favourite places to get cosy and sometimes, entertained!

8 ramen burger THUMB.jpg


8 burgers with a twist to try

Take for example: A buah keluak burger. Satay burgers. Tofu burgers. Burgers that have buns made up of ramen noodles. The possibilities are almost endless. Your move, Mcdonald’s!

Meet the 'ramnut' the latest  craziest food fad recipe included! T.png


Meet the 'ramnut', the latest & craziest food fad (recipe included!)

Question: What do you get when you mix the already OTT 'cronut' with ... this mystery ingredient? Answer: The weirdest Frankenfood to come out of an American kitchen this year

5 of the best cities for a winter shopping spree THUMBNAIL


5 best cities for a winter shopping spree

If you’re heading overseas for the winter holidays, and if shopping is your personal sport, you need to pick one of these 5 perfect shopping spree destinations

wifi bill THUMB.jpg


How to avoid huge in-flight WiFi bills

In-flight WiFi charges are tricky but how else are we to spend so many hours within a narrow confined space? (I need to post an inflight selfie now!) Don’t end up like the guy who invoked a thousand over dollars from downloading a powerpoint

5 airport canada THUMB.jpg


5 best airports in the world (and the worst)

Travel season is coming and we need to know every detail - every deal, every flight, every seasonal promotion. This time, we bring you the five best airports, and the worst

Top 10 European Poshtels THUMBNAIL


Top 10 European ‘Poshtels’ … hotel service on a hostel budget

‘Poshtels’ are the hottest travel trend and perfect for travellers who are looking for a mix of affordable luxury with high-tech facilities; here are 10 of the best in Europe … Start planning for your holiday now!


Tired of hostels but too budget for hotels? Try “poshtels”!

Stylish and budget-conscious travellers should be checking out (and into!) these “poshtels”. We’re feeling that wanderlust already…

orchard road THUMB.jpg


4 different things about Orchard Road (for today)

Due to a mass yoga event, the iconic shopping road will go car-free. Shoppers will enjoy more walking room as the event takes up only three lanes instead of four

Watch out for dog 'police' dressed like Sherlock Holmes T.png


Watch out for dog 'police' dressed like Sherlock Holmes

A bunch of citizen patrols in this town has resorted to dressing up like Sherlock Holmes to catch canine offenders committing this crime; click to find out what!

More friends on Facebook bigger hotel discount T.png


More friends on Facebook, bigger hotel discount

We're living in strange times! A new hotel reservation site is offering discounts of up to 50 percent on room rates to customers who have a large social media following. Madness?

Hunt for a $4000 diamond hiding in a champagne flute! T.png


Hunt for a $4,000 diamond hiding in a champagne flute!

This is one high-stakes game of hide-and-seek. The Charles Hotel in Munich, Germany is planning something really special this New Year's Eve; read on to find on what!

5 girlie getaways under $200 a night THUMBNAIL


5 girlie getaways for under $200 a night!

Gather your girls and hop on a plane – the boutique hotel hunters at Mr & Mrs Smith have found five high-luxe lady-pleasers for as little as $102 a night. Whether you’re craving cocktails, coffee, spa treatments, coastal perfection or just cosseting and soft linens, you’ll find it here




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