Review: 10 secret features & tricks the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have that we love!

We know there are still many of you struggling and queueing (online and in person) to get your hands on the stylish new iPhone 6s, you may even feel like throwing the towel in and living with your current model, whether it be as recent as an iPhone 6 or as ancient as an iPhone 4 (no judgment here, we dig old-school). However, we’re here to tell you about the great, lesser known features of the new iPhone 6s that you’ll have the pleasure of using when your patience is finally rewarded!


Apple Watch now comes in stylish rose gold colour

Besides the new colours and watch faces, Apple Watch's new watchOS 2 also has useful value-added features that will appeal to a wider audience. Image: Apple

The latest Apple Watch operating system - watchOS 2 - brings with it many new improvements.

6 reasons why you should upgrade to new iPhone 6s & 6s Plus

The Apple iPhone 6s, in four colours, has put on 14g but is still great to hold and handle. Image: Apple


The two new iPhones look almost exactly like their predecessors. But they are built with structurally stronger 7000 Series aluminium.

24 hours without my iPhone

Imagine running to the toilet in a rush after holding your pee in during a very long meeting, with your very trusty iPhone in hand. As you get to the toilet, you place your phone on the ledge behind the bowl almost too quickly, and before you know it - “plop” and it falls right on target into the bowl.
Well, that was exactly what happened to me with the only saving grace being the fact that it was before I had started peeing.

The five people you meet on Twitter

Call me sad, lonely, or lady-who-will-die-alone-in-an-apartment-of-cats, but I have the best time on Twitter. It is the one platform that allows me to live vicariously through the people I follow without exposing my stalker tendencies (much) - which is always a bonus.But regardless of the people whose lives we choose to be privy to, I’m almost certain that everyone can relate to having the following types of tweeters invade their Twitter feeds. Some of them we look forward to, some not so much.

The new Samsung phones are perfect to watch dramas on


Phones get fancier and fancier these days, don’t they? Remember back when flip phones were the trendy thing to own and you were considered lucky if you got to get one with a front camera?

This Singapore woman quit her full-time job to be a florist

This Singapore woman quit her full-time job to be a florist

She started a subscription service that delivers fresh flowers weekly.

A claustrophobic, windowless storeroom in an industrial building wasn’t the best place for a florist to start her business, but Jaclyn persevered in such a space.