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5 amazing ways to help you de-stress after work for good!

Sipping on a cup of peppermint tea to calm and relax you may be one amazing way to banish stress short term, but it’s our ingrained habits and behaviours that can really affect our cortisol levels on a longer term basis. Here are five habits you should cultivate to banish stress in your everyday and lead to better health and happiness overall!

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Take a nap

How to properly wash your gym gear and yoga pants so they are sweat-free!

We all know that taking care of our bodies is essential if we want to live a more energetic, fulfilling and hopefully longer existence. As they say, your mind is only as good as the body carrying it. So whilst we are overjoyed by the array of options we have to work out and look good whilst doing it, when it comes to laundering our sweat-soaked workout gear, sometimes that’s where the pretty stops. 

Diet guide for 13 popular Chinese New Year snacks

Christmas may be over, but like most people, you’re probably still trying to lose the extra pounds gained from all the festive feasting. Now that Chinese New Year is coming up, you’re going to be eating a whole lot of food again, and not the healthy kind. What’s a girl to do? It’s not like you can refuse the goodies that will be placed in front of you when you visit your relatives, and you definitely can’t turn down those lo hei lunch invitations from your workmates.

How to get fit with your man at Singapore’s Urbanathlon!

Are you up to the challenge? If you are, this would be an incredible event to work towards for fitness goals and a step towards your dream body and improved health. The course spans 14km and includes nine obstacles, including a new Cross-Fit based one.


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4 dry eye symptoms that are more serious than you think

A busy and gadget-driven lifestyle is a sure recipe for eye strain. For those who do office work, it's common to experience dry and tired eyes after a whole day of starring at screens.

Still, there are times when these symptoms hint at a more sinister condition. Dr Lee Sao Bing, medical director of Shinagawa Eye Centre, shares on the four common symptoms of eye discomfort and their causes, and when you shouldn't ignore them: