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4 non-air con ways to keep cool on warm nights

As the temperature rises, getting a good night’s sleep may prove to be mission impossible, especially if you don’t have or don’t want to switch on the air conditioning. Here are four ways you can cool down when it heats up at nights

3 food tips to stay slim and healthy THUMBNAIL

Health & Fitness

3 food tips to stay slim and healthy

There’s lots of diet advice doing the rounds of the internet these days, but here are 3 tips from a man who has spent 15 years working out the easiest ways to stay slim and healthy

The 3 most annoying people in your gym and how to deal with them THUMBNAIL

Health & Fitness

The 3 most annoying people at your gym & how to deal with them

We all know the feeling – you're working out when your gym nemesis walks in – but what can you do? Leave? Here are the 3 most annoying people in the gym and a coping strategy for dealing with each one so you won’t have to miss your workout

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Have your cake and eat it: how to shape up effortlessly

Tea time is everyone’s favourite part of the day. Do you know how many calories are hidden in that innocent-looking donut? We give you the big picture of how fattening snacks can be. Don’t worry, here are three reasons why you can burn off calories easily and effortlessly with the Osim UShape

Are your friends making you fat THUMBNAIL

Health & Fitness

Are your friends making you fat?

Yes, your friends could be making you fat, because apparently it’s the little hunger triggers – from your dinner companions’ weight to whether there’s salad on the menu – that could be making you eat more. Here are 4 things to watch out for and tips on how to stop over-eating

Health & Fitness

3 reasons why you should not eat lunch at your desk today

Planning to eat your lunch at your office desk again today? Don’t. Here are three reasons why having lunch at your desk can be a bad idea, health wise – yes, even if you are intending to take away a salad

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It’s easier to lose weight when you have fun working out!

If you’re happy and you know it, you will lose weight easier. That’s according to new research that shows the more fun you have when you are exercising, the less you are likely to eat after

Health & Fitness

Why do I get a ‘furry’ feeling in my mouth when I eat a kiwi?

So we now all know that kiwi fruit is one of the superfoods we should all be eating but what about that irritating sensation of ‘furriness’ that you get in your mouth when you eat one? What’s that about? And how can we make it go away?

Health & Fitness

Why you need to eat a kiwi today

Don’t underestimate the kiwi fruit. It may be small in size but it packs a punch with its high-nutrient content helping it zoom up our list of superfoods. Here are 3 reasons why you should eat a kiwi everyday ...

Health & Fitness

We review the newest, super fun, most effective workout in Singapore

Get fit in a club? Now you can! I give the 7Cycle Signature workout a spin at Singapore’s first boutique indoor cycling studio and survive to tell you why the latest exercise class in town is fun and effective




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