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7 fun, free dance classes you’ve always wanted to try!

I grew up dancing. I attended my first ballet class aged 2 and have continued to try new styles ever since. In the last few years more alternative dance forms, which often have their own sub-cultures, have opened up and become more popular. From pole-dancing to aerial yoga, there are so many beautiful, fun and amazingly challenging new forms of dance and fitness to try out! However, often we want to try before we buy, and a term’s worth of classes can be expensive, as can a gym membership! 

EXCLUSIVE: Georgina Poh tells us how to glam up quickly post-workout!

The fit and fabulous Georgina Poh has been our resident fitness guru and September’s #WomanCrushWednesday here at herworldPLUS. Read the third and final part of our interview series with the Singapore-bred, Instagram fitspo beauty where she tells us how to get glam with speed and style, something we all need when we’ve got dinner plans post-workout…

6 ways to feel more awake in the morning (without coffee!)

How to become a morning person ways to feel more alert when you wake up

For the majority of us who aren’t morning people, the world can be a little unbearable until we’ve had a coffee or two. That said, caffeine dependency is something many of us would rather avoid. If you’d like more natural alternatives to get you feeling more alert in the mornings, take a look at these six tried and tested tips!

Comatose after eating raw beef 18 years ago: Can it happen to you?

The man who is currently in a coma after consuming a raw fish dish had suffered from a similar episode 18 years ago. According to Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao, Mr Sim Tharn Chun was then stricken with a viral infection after eating uncooked beef during a trip to the United States. His brain was deprived of oxygen, causing him to fall into a coma.

9 easy lifestyle changes that reduce your cancer risk

According to the Health Promotion Board of Singapore (HPB), many cancers develop because of lifestyle habits and environmental risks. But about one-third of all cancers can be prevented from occurring by avoiding these risks. Raffles Medical Group recommends making these nine small changes, which can go a long way in preventing cancers.

1. Maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle

One-size-fits-all diets don't work, says study

A healthy food for one person may lead another to gain weight, according to a new study that suggests a one-size-fits-all approach to dieting is fundamentally wrong. For instance, one woman in the study repeatedly experienced a spike in blood sugar after eating tomatoes, which would generally be considered a low-fat, nutritious food. The findings are based on a study of 800 people in Israel and are published in the journal Cell Press.

The secret to losing weight after you hit 35

If you’re like most people, you probably think that a muffin top is a given once you’ve hit a certain age. But please don’t sit back and embrace the “inevitable”, because as World Champion volleyball player Sinjin Smith shows us in this video, there’s still a lot you can do to combat a sluggish metabolism!