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3 reasons you really need to laugh more

It might not get you the abs you want, but there are still really good health and social benefits you should be reaping, ASAP!

3 benefits of laughter

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Singapore may not be the happiest country in the world and we know that Singaporeans like you and I tend to complain a bit too much every now and then. But that doesn't necessarily mean we can't be happy, that we can't laugh our hearts out, just because.

Whether you agree or disagree with United Nation's survey result that Singapore is ranked #22 happiest country globally, there are good reasons why we all need to loosen up and put 'LOL' and 'Haha' into action instead of just typing these standard abbreviations in our WhatsApp messages every single day. Need more convincing? We at list down 3 compelling reasons why we need to laugh more.

1. Laughter Brings Loads Of Health Benefits

As cliché as it sounds, laughter heals. I'm not sure about you but each time I get mad at my boyfriend for doing or saying silly things, it will blow over real quick... if he manages to make me laugh there and then.

Not only does laughter improve our emotional health, laughter also helps reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase the body's' immunity, and release happy hormones (a.k.a. endorphins) into our bodies.

Stay positive, spend quality time with your loved ones and laugh together. After all, these are some of the best things in life that money cannot buy no matter how wealthy you are. Before I forget, according to research done by Vanderbilt University Medical Center, laughing for 10-15 minutes burns between 10-40 calories!

2. Life Is Too Short To Be Sorrowful

Like what chirpy Charlie Chaplin said, "a day without laughter is a day wasted". Life's really too short to be grumpy and whiny all the time. Even though there are some situations when we simply cannot muster enough courage or strength to smile, much less laugh, these can't possibly take up a huge chunk of our awake time whilst we're alive and kicking, right?

Surround yourself with happy, fun people and steer clear of toxic people. Look for hilarious memes online if that helps. A little bit of laughter goes a long way in uplifting your mood.

3. Laughter Is A Social Lubricant

Ask yourself, who honestly enjoys the company of bitter, scoffing people? I sure don't! To put it plainly, laughter is contagious and incredibly powerful. Whoever who's laughing with you is likely to feel more connected and bonded with you because of the positive shared experience you've had together.

Laughter has the capacity to help ease social bonding. It could be that hilarious (read: embarrassing) incident when you drank a bit too much and babbled nonsense, or it could be that genuinely real funny dad joke your dad shared with you - whatever it is, a healthy sense of humour sure goes a long way in maintaining relationships with your loved ones, friends, andwork colleagues.


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