How to deal with friends who are making you spend money

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Despite the high cost of living, the only Singaporeans you’re likely to hear openly encouraging each other to save money are aunties at FairPrice. Amongst almost everyone else, there’s this unspoken ongoing competition to show through your spending that you’ve made it in life, and that you can keep up with the others.

5 things 20-year-olds can do to be financially independent

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Singaporeans might have a pretty decent median salary compared to other countries in the region, but we don’t fare so well when it comes to financial freedom—at least if the number of people still forced to work or rely on their families after retirement age is anything to go by.

10 free services every Singaporean needs to know about

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Singaporeans love to complain about the high cost of living, yet we rarely bother to take advantage of the free stuff that is actually available in the country. Hey, we may not have free healthcare, but at least we have the following. Make life on the island a tad less expensive by grabbing as many of these freebies as you can.

3 ways Singaporeans can protect themselves from low salary growth in 2016

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If your annual increments have been so pathetic of late you’re actually losing money to inflation the longer you stay in your job, then you have some new people to commiserate with quite soon—recent news reports have been pessimistic about wage growth in 2016.

5 ways to save money on your energy bill while using your air conditioner

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1. Lower the temperature of the room, so you do not need to use the aircon. One way is to reduce the glare and heat from direct sunlight, by applying window films or having thicker curtains.

2. Keep the aircon filter clean. This allows better air movement, and you don't need to lower the digits on the aircon!

8 smart money-saving habits you should adopt now

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Have you ever felt like you can never afford a holiday or are just living from one pay day to the next? Then you need to change the way you live – start by reading these smart money-saving tips, which are a lot easier to adopt than you'd think. 

1. Change Your Mindset

4 things Singaporeans need to do to make more money

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For some people, forcing themselves to steer clear of designer sales or slum it by eating at a hawker centre instead of a restaurant makes them feel like they are being inauthentic to their true, fashionable selves.

If that sounds like you, simply declaring you’re going cold turkey and not shopping for a month may not be very useful, because you’ll just end up buying twice the amount of stuff next month to make up for it.

6 ways your forgetfulness is costing you a lot of money

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For most Singaporeans, their first brush with the dangers of forgetting stuff came in primary school, when they had to grit their teeth and tell their teachers, “I forgot to bring my English textbook / science lab rag / PE attire.” Back then, the worst thing that could happen to you was being made to stand in the corner.