3 ways to spend less on dates

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While singles in other countries scramble to download Tinder in the run-up to Valentines’ Day, in Singapore this happens a little earlier thanks to Chinese New Year and the nosy aunties the season brings.

Now, the prospect of finding lurve is already daunting enough without the thought of how expensive it can get, especially in Singapore where dinner and drinks can easily set you back over $100 if the treat’s on you.

5 ways to survive the economic slowdown

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It looks like things aren’t going to go well on the economic front this year. We’re on the brink of slipping into a technical recession, and the gloomy outlook is expected to result in higher retrenchment figures, a slowdown in employment and horrible news for a whole bunch of industries.

5 things you should be buying with a credit card

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Is cash really king? Definitely not when it comes to maximizing the rewards of your credit cards. Credit card rewards and privileges rank high on the priorities of why Singaporeans sign up for cards in the first place; you can bet that banks go out of their way to ensure that exclusive rewards and discounts are tailored to their cardholders.

6 things you shouldn't buy if you are trying to save money

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People living in other countries have the option to bugger off and go live in a cheaper city or town when the cost of living in the capital rises. Unfortunately, Singaporeans don’t have that option, assuming they actually want to remain in the country.

4 expensive Chinese New Year costs Singaporeans can't avoid

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So you’ve refused to buy any bak kwa during CNY in order to cleverly avoid having to pay jacked up prices. You refuse to display any of that pussy willow crap in your home, and you’re going to be wearing the same crappy clothes you wear every day during CNY, thank you very much.

3 credit card dangers Singaporeans should be aware of

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Today's thieves have evolved - they no longer need to threaten you with a knife or snatch your wallet. All they need nowadays is a bit of technology in order to rob you without you even realising it.

If you own a credit card and have made purchases online using your card, you might want to be aware of ways in which your credit card details could be vulnerable.

5 worst money mistakes you can make in your 20s and how to avoid them!

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As a Singaporean, your 20s signal your first step towards adulthood, it's a time of great excitement and anxiety as well.

There will be many firsts for you, and one of them will be that you are finally responsible for your own money. Although money shouldn't be an obsession, it permeates our life so much that you cannot ignore it.

4 things Singaporeans can do to raise their salary

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Singaporeans work long and hard for their money (longest hours in the world, in case you were the last to know). But as many as 80% of Singaporeans aren’t satisfied with their salaries.