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6 Instagram-worthy Singapore hotels for amazing staycations

We have come to the end of another gruelling year and I can think of no better reward than to treat yourself and the important people in your life to a fabulous staycation. Jetting off to a hectic overseas trip and trying to squeeze 10 attractions into one itinerary sounds awfully stressful compared to a full day (or a few days!) of soft white sheets, unreasonably long bathtub soaks and delicious breakfast buffets, right here in Singapore.

The herworldPLUS team has shortlisted the best hotels for an end-of-year staycation. You can thank us after your luxuriously local vacay!


19 things to do between your Chinese New Year visits

Image: Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Citizens' Consultative Committe

Party away


Party people, take note. Zouk has your schedule planned, beginning tonight.

Kicking things off is Dutch DJ Dash Berlin, who will serve up electronic dance music tonight.

5 movies to watch over Chinese New Year holiday

What better time for The Monkey King 2 to swing around than in its namesake year in the Chinese calendar? But king or not, there is strong competition for the box-office crown this festive season.

Popular gambling-themed franchise From Vegas To Macau is back for a third round. Singapore box-office champ Jack Neo milks nostalgia with the period family drama Long Long Time Ago.

Hong Kong funnyman Stephen Chow makes a splash with fantasy comedy The Mermaid. Another funnyman, Chapman To, whets your appetite with the culinary comedy Let's Eat!.

6 spring cleaning tips to declutter your home

spring cleaning tips to declutter your home story

Image: anikasalsera/123rf

Unless we’re taking time off work, we want to be able to get organised and spring clean as swiftly and effectively as possible. Space is a luxury in Singapore, which makes decluttering that much more important for us. Whether you want to make space for new things or just downsize your clutter, we’ve got some tips to get you started. 

9 markets, tours and parties to check out at Singapore Art Week

Image: Agnieszka Rzepka/123rf

The nine-day Singapore Art Week starts tomorrow with about 70 art shows, including premier art fair Art Stage Singapore. But even the most die-hard art fan might suffer from art fatigue and need a break.

Thankfully, there are many other programmes to check out, including gigs, parties, markets and tours.

Madonna's R18 concert tickets to go on sale from Jan 7

Madonna's upcoming Rebel Heart tour concert in Singapore on Feb 28 has been issued a rare R18 rating by the Media Development Authority with an advisory on "Sexual References".

Only those aged 18 and older will be permitted entry to the National Stadium where the concert is due to be held, according to press release on Wednesday (Jan 6) by local coordinators Mediacorp Vizpro International.

14 awesome movies to look forward to in 2016

Sequels, reboots and adaptations will be dominating the blockbuster movie schedule next year. But that does not mean there is nothing new about them to look forward to.

Familiar superheroes will face unusual challenges (for example, battling one another in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Captain America: Civil War), while antiheroes take centre stage in Deadpool and Suicide Squad.

While the Ghostbusters will be returning to action more than 30 years after they first started, the team is refreshed with an all-female one.

10 fun things to do after Christmas Day in Singapore

1 Bid farewell to Goodfellas

After nine years together, Timbre’s resident band Goodfellas are calling it a day. The six-piece band, known for their lively covers of anything from pop to indie to Motown music and their rapport with their loyal fans, will play their final few gigs this weekend before their last show on New Year’s Eve.