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Free fun things every broke Singaporean can do!

As the end of the month approaches, you realise with dismay that you’ve busted your budget again thanks to the 500 McDonald’s meals you bought in order to get your hands on the NanoBlock toys.
That means you need to spend five days living like a hermit, subsisting on whatever’s left in your fridge with only your computer and your TV for company.



The coolest things to eat, drink, watch, see and do this June!

June’s here and you’re sweltering in the heat. Sure, you have the ice kacangs and the llao llao to cool you down, but there’s still more that you can do to be the coolest (not literally). The arts scene in Singapore is more lively than you think and they’ve got the most exciting things for you to do and we guarantee by the end of June, you’ll be a whole lot cooler!


5 fun ways to spend Mother’s Day in Singapore and spoil her rotten!

Whether they’re near, far, dear or departed, we all have a motherly figure in our lives. From Godmothers, to aunts, women who act like our second mothers and our actual, real-life birth mamas, it’s always good to take time to show them our appreciation. Here are some super fun, relaxing, indulgent and special ways to spend a day with your nearest and dearest mother hens:

Image: Courtesy of Ollella.


#1 Go for a spa day

5 fun and relaxing ways to spend Earth Hour!

Taking place from 8.30pm-9.30pm on Saturday, March 19, in Singapore (and all around the world at equivalent local time) Earth Hour is our chance to take stock of how our habits are literally shaping the future of our planet. The facts are indisputable: How we live our lives and our daily habits will have a significant impact on whether the planet is habitable for future generations. However, it's not all doom and gloom, Earth Hour is a fun and interactive way to get involved with combating climate change.

The best Valentine’s day movies and TV shows to watch with your bae or bestie!

Valentine’s Day weekend is creeping up on us, and whether you be a single lady doing your own fabulous thing or loved up with an adoring bae, there's sure to be a point this weekend when you’ll want to ‘Netflix and chill’ (literally, not euphemistically)! When that urge strikes, just make sure you’re stocked up on popcorn, snacks and rocking your comfiest (but still on point) loungewear. Now settle in and map out your binge session from this cherry-picked list:

For the rom com lovers:

Crazy, Stupid, Love

6 Instagram-worthy Singapore hotels for amazing staycations

We have come to the end of another gruelling year and I can think of no better reward than to treat yourself and the important people in your life to a fabulous staycation. Jetting off to a hectic overseas trip and trying to squeeze 10 attractions into one itinerary sounds awfully stressful compared to a full day (or a few days!) of soft white sheets, unreasonably long bathtub soaks and delicious breakfast buffets, right here in Singapore.

The herworldPLUS team has shortlisted the best hotels for an end-of-year staycation. You can thank us after your luxuriously local vacay!