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8 things you must do at the new National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore's opening celebrations start today and run till Dec 6. Admission for most events is free, although registration is required for some. Life picks some highlights.

1. Siapa Nama Kamu? or What Is Your Name? (DBS Singapore Gallery) and Between Declarations And Dreams (UOB Southeast Asia Gallery)

The two exhibitions provide a sweeping look at Singapore and South-east Asian art from the 19th century to the present. About 800 artworks are on show.


Hashtag SaveZouk: An ode to Zouk

I remember the first time I went to Zouk, as though it was yesterday.
It was the first time I was going clubbing. I had just turned 18 and the ‘A’ Levels were over. The world was my ‒ and my friends’ ‒ oyster.

The Great Gasp-by

I admit that I may be a pop-culture snob at times, but in this day and age where our relationship with Google is more dependable than the on-again-off-again dude of the moment, there’s no excuse for anyone to be ignorant.This stems from the most important lesson that a certain primary school teacher has taught me, “If you don’t know, ask until you find out.”From then on, I always made sure I got to the bottom of things – whether it’s knowing exactly how many children are in the Brangelina brood or finding out who took the last piece of chocolate cake in the office pantry.

5 reasons why I’m obsessed with the Game of Thrones

The third season of the much-talked-about HBO series, Game of Thrones, is finally back and die-hard fans worldwide are welcoming it with open arms by throwing viewing parties and rewatching past seasons just to prep themselves for the return of this epic series.
While I shan’t profess to be a know-it-all about the series, I shall confess my undying obsession with it.
It is – simply put – an all-round mind-blowing hell of a series.

The amateur’s guide: How to survive a sailing trip

Rainy November days bring to my mind an earlier sailing trip some months ago. I was on my way to Sentosa Cove for a more unusual assignment but the skies did not look too great.I spotted ominous dark clouds ahead — one of the last things anyone would want on a day to set sail.
We were due for a short sailing trip on board the Hugo Boss Hospitality Boat, a yacht manned by members of the Alex Thomson Racing Team.

5 signs that Halloween is not for you

How psyched are you, for Halloween? Dress up in costume any other time of the year and you’ll receive stares from pedestrians (now you know how cosplayers feel).Yet it wasn’t that long ago when a Halloween party was a novelty rather than the norm; a statement that makes this twenty-something feel old. Suddenly, All Hallow’s Eve has become all the rage in Singapore. Even if you’re nothing like Heidi “Halloween Queen” Klum, you used to remember having fun, creeping out friends in full costume; the makeup, wig and all.

One night (or two) in Beijing

Beijing was never on my to-go list, not that I have anything against the city, but as a perennial beach bum, cities never really did appeal. So when a work trip to the capital city came up, I thought, sure, why not? I love Shanghai, so how different can Beijing be? Well, albeit it was a whirlwind work trip, I actually liked it more than I expected myself to. So here are some of the things that swayed my “beachy” heart and left me wanting more: Ps: The explorer in me apologises for not having time to check out museums, cafes and kitschy art galleries due to severe time constraint.

At The Meadow with Jason Mraz and Corrinne May

Running across a field filled with concert-goers is probably one of the last things I’d expect to do on a Friday night.I could hear Jason Mraz singing ‘Bella Luna’ while I continued looking for that elusive Entrance 3, located at the other end of The Meadow. I was late for this very concert and still in search of my friend, one of the biggest Jason Mraz fans that I know. Who was sadly, stuck ticket-less at the entrance as the concert went on.But I admit that I did slow down a few paces along the way as I took in the concert atmosphere.

Be careful what you wish for...

As the world turns, this year marks a milestone year for me. When my birthday takes place in May, I’ll officially be a quarter of a century old. With that comes, fast and furious, heaps of serious but frankly very terrifying thoughts. How have I lived my life thus far? Have I lived it fully, experiencing all there is to feel before I step into the next quarter of my life? How will moving steadily into my thirties feel like?I used to think I was invincible when I was young and that nothing bad would ever befall me. Aging or the thought of growing old was also never on the cards.

Visiting Art Stage Singapore 2012

While art aficionados are cheered by huge art exhibitions like Art Stage Singapore, there’s more than one reason to attend this event; even for people unfamiliar with contemporary art.In one single location, you’ll get to see a diverse range of art from 130 international galleries. You will be able to support and admire art from Singapore and the surrounding region too, with the art fair’s emphasis on its Asian identity; 75 per cent of the exhibited artworks are by Asian artists.