This is what your choice of alcohol says about you

What does your go-to cocktail reveal about your personality? Find out!


We all have our favourite choice of poison, from cute cocktails to hard liquor. Check out what your signature cocktail says about you!


Long Island Tea


You want to get really buzzed, but in a somewhat refined and ladylike manner. Here’s a secret: Men love this drink too, but no man will admit it.


Sex on the Beach


You actually hate alcohol and you just want to drink something so that you don’t feel left out.




Did you seriously just order a cosmo? Girl, leave Sex and the City in the 90s and be more creative with your choices.


Rum and coke


Admit it, you have no idea what else to order. However, this isn’t an entirely bad choice, because it actually tastes good and will give you a nice little buzz.


Gin and tonic


Lovers of this old-school drink probably have a classic streak in them. You aren’t drinking to get drunk, just to have nice time.




You’d be really good friends with whoever is drinking the gin and tonic This drink is associated with intelligent conversation and general classiness.


Jager Bomb


You definitely drank this when you were underaged before developing a more discerning palette to realise that it’s a pretty horrible drink.




You are underaged. Ordering this at a bar is somewhat akin to ordering from the kid’s menu at a restaurant.




You probably have a sophisticated palette, and you’re a lover of pairing food with drink. Alternatively, you’re a Mum who’s looking forward to good conversation with your girlfriends late into the night.


Pina Colada


You’re dying to go on a vacation but you can’t for whatever reason. Instead, you’re sitting at a bar after work and hoping for some respite before starting another day at a menial job. You have my sympathies.


Tequila shots


You’re in a celebratory mood and probably want to get high as fast as you possibly can. Alternatively, you had a really, really bad day. If you are a drinker and you’ve ordered this, you’re probably really drunk already and in need of an Uber ride home.


Whiskey sour


Your tolerance for sugar is way higher than your tolerance for alcohol. There’s a childlike streak in you, and you’re probably one of the first in your group of friends who would start dancing once the music starts playing.




This drink is ordered by some women who want to appear like sophisticated businesswomen and who probably have someone to impress. However, there are the rare few who order this because they have a genuinely refined palette, especially if they’re really sure how they want their martini done.


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