Women Now

Singapore entrepreneur Race Wong has moved from dressing rooms to boardrooms, with her real estate mobile app OhMyHome. Read on to discover how she did it
Hundreds gather to cheer Paralympic medallists and past years’ Her World Young Achiever Award winners, Yip Pin Xiu (2008) and Theresa Goh(2005), along with other Paralympians, and their successes during celebratory parade
The places swimmer Yip Pin Xiu has visited include Castle Hill in Queensland, Australia; Red Square in Moscow, Russia; and Brighton Pier, England
Paralympic medallists and past years' winners of the Her World Young Achiever Award Yip Pin Xiu (2008) and Theresa Goh (2005), along with other Paralympians, receive a warm welcome home
She's back! Angie Vu Ha talks about her time in jail – and dodgy offers to star in porn movies
From starting the iconic 77th street to being a champion of social enterprise, our Her World Young Woman Achiever recipient for 2002 Elim Chew is now moving into the world of online video
The parents of Her World Young Achiever Award winners Yip Pin Xiu (2008) and Theresa Goh (2005) speak up on raising Singapore's Paralympic heroes
Krystal Choo, founder and CEO of Wander, would like to challenge anyone in Singapore who thinks that female entrepreneurs have it easy
Congratulations once again to Singapore para-swimmer Yip Pin Xiu! The winner of the Her World Young Achiever Award 2008 has made history by winning gold for the women's 50m backstroke S2 event; her second gold at the Rio Paralympics!
An insider's account of the hard work and intense competition at a Singapore consumer electronics fair