hw mag july 2014 issue Emotional abuse is on the increase THUMBNAIL

Women Now

Emotional abuse is increasing. Why do women put up with it?

You wouldn’t stand for it if your man hit you, so why are more women putting up with hurtful emotional & verbal abuse that denigrates and belittles them and leads to emotional scarring?

Women Now

I'm in my late 20s and never been kissed!

They’re in their late 20s and above, have never had boyfriends and are perfectly cool with it. Four ladies tell Aretha Loh why singlehood is no longer a sad state of affairs

Women Now

Girl power! 2ne1 prove they are the queens of K-pop

Concert review: The four fierce members of K-pop girl group and poster girls for female empowerment - CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy - blew their Singapore fans away with a solid performance of chart-topping hits for their All or Nothing concert

We fought back against public transport perverts THUMBNAIL

Women Now

We fought back against public transport perverts!

Don’t take lecherous behaviour lying down. These Singapore women fought back after being groped, filmed and photographed by public transport perverts; you can too!

ROBINSONS Advice 101 When in doubt ask mum THUMBNAIL

Women Now

Advice 101: When in doubt, ask mum

As part of our Mother’s Day coverage we asked our readers for the best advice they ever received from their mothers. Here are some of the pearls of wisdom our Mothers have handed down

I was battered bruised abused and all alone THUMBNAIL

Women Now

‘My husband battered, bruised and abused me’

A shocking eight in 10 people would not intervene even if they knew that someone was being abused by her spouse, says a recent survey. Jane*, 37, a communications manager, suffered eight years of beatings alone before she found the courage to leave her marriage

I was stalked by a woman who thought she was my husband! T.png

Women Now

I was stalked by a woman who thought she was my husband!

For four years, Joanne Lee was harassed by a woman who was ‘in love’ with her. But she refused to be a victim and fought back. She tells her harrowing story to Zarelda Marie Goh

Nicole Seah story from her world magazine may issue THUMBNAIL

Women Now

Nicole Seah: ‘I got countless rape and death threats’

In Her World’s May issue opposition party member Nicole Seah spoke about her year of self-doubt, physical exhaustion and death threats to writer Ankita Varma; read the full story …

Would you marry a korean

Women Now

5 Singaporeans share their Korean love stories

K-Pop really was one of the last things on their minds when these Singaporeans coupled up with Koreans; read more about how they met their Korean soulmate

Women Now

US poet Maya Angelou dies at 86

RIP Maya Angelou. The American author of “I know Why the Cage Bird Sings” and poet passed away on May 28, 2014.



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