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Velda Tan, Aimee Song, and Sabrina Tan are hosting an inaugural women’s conference in Singapore!

We were so excited when we heard about the very exciting, brand new, women’s only initiative, Galboss Asia. Founded by five women (Sabrina Tan, Velda Tan, Melissa Lwee-Ramsay, Tan Yen Yen and Andrea De Cruz) the symposium aims to bring successful, entrepreneurial women together to hear inspiring speakers and participate in discussion panels focussed on a variety of professional fields over one day in order to leave inspired, empowered and hopefully with a new budding friendship or two!



5 power woman must-reads to succeed at work and in life

I’ll admit, I’ve always been a serious bookworm since day one. I love to read, and luckily for you I’ve read my fair share of wonderful and not-so-wonderful books so you can just skip to the good ones. Here are five recommended reads that will offer up some serious wisdom as well as enrich your life and career. Good books are meant to be shared, or recommended via Kindle; either way, knowledge is power:

Image: One of favourite boss ladies, Aimee Song / Showbit.com


7 of Singapore’s most successful women tell us the one piece of advice they wish they had known earlier in their careers

An industry leader within Facebook (a company that currently owns not only its eponymous social media network, but also WhatsApp and Instagram); the co-founder of Singapore-grown ecommerce success story Love, Bonito and the founder of Singapore’s very own fashion week (as well as 11 other businesses) – were just three of the amazing women who sat down on the couch with our host Angelique Teo on Saturday, March 19, 2016.

What to wear for the perfect online dating profile pic!

Yes, we know what you may be thinking, looks aren’t everything. Indeed, we are totally with you. But, unless you’re willing to leave your online dating profile pic as that random ghost silhouette oft-associated with someone you would never want to meet up with this side of ever, or lack any self-confidence, you’re going to have to put a photo up there. As the stigma attached to online dating apps and sites becomes more and more remote (Tinder is part of popular culture and in some circles, daily water cooler convo) the pressure to know which pics to pick increases.

8 tricks from successful women on how to spend the first hour at work

Did you know that how you spend the first 60 minutes of your work day can define how fruitful the rest of it is? As all great leaders will no doubt testify, the first hour sets the tone and is your chance to strategise for the impending day ahead. 

Image: Showbit, Eva Chen

7 life hacks every woman should follow to keep effortlessly organised

I’m not at the world’s most organised person, in fact, many who know we would say I’m extremely scatterbrained. So here are 7 learned tricks that help me stay organised without stressing and will aid even the most disorganised of souls to keep their you-know-what together:

Image: Showbit

#1 Invest in more than one phone charger

7 ways to save time in the morning and get to work on time!

Mornings can be tough, we feel you. Personally I’m not a morning person, I’d love to be able to swan into the office every morning, half an hour early with my make-up fully done and having already worked out for an hour at the gym, but alas, that’s not me. If you’re also not quite at superwoman levels yet (or even if you are) here are simple ways to streamline your morning routine so you can get out of the house faster every single day!