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7 life hacks every woman should follow to keep effortlessly organised

I’m not at the world’s most organised person, in fact, many who know we would say I’m extremely scatterbrained. So here are 7 learned tricks that help me stay organised without stressing and will aid even the most disorganised of souls to keep their you-know-what together:

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#1 Invest in more than one phone charger


7 ways to save time in the morning and get to work on time!

Mornings can be tough, we feel you. Personally I’m not a morning person, I’d love to be able to swan into the office every morning, half an hour early with my make-up fully done and having already worked out for an hour at the gym, but alas, that’s not me. If you’re also not quite at superwoman levels yet (or even if you are) here are simple ways to streamline your morning routine so you can get out of the house faster every single day!

Scared of mammograms? Here are 8 important things to know about breast cancer


Go for a yearly mammogram if you are between 40 and 49, and once every two years if you are between 50 and 69. While self-examinations may detect biggerlumps that are about 2.1cm in diameter, mammograms can find smaller lumps about 1.1cm in diameter. What this means: The earlier you find a cancerous lump, the greater the chance of a cure.

True story: “My dad had breast cancer– and so did I”

“I was just 14 when my dad, now a 62-year-old retiree, was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 1994. Back then, he had noticed a lump and darkened skin on the right side of his chest, and had experienced constant pain for several months. He saw a few doctors, but none were able to pinpoint what was wrong with him.

4 ways to make sure your relationship survives when you’re too busy at work

1. Prioritise your relationship.

Be prepared to bail on previously made plans with family and friends when your partner unexpectedly gets a slice of free time. If you feel bad about abandoning your other loved ones, arrange a shindig that both parties can attend (e.g. a family dinner or a double date with friends).

2. Keep the communication going.

First Straits Times Singaporean of the Year is Good Samaritan

Image: Alphonsus Chern / The Straits Times

Saleswoman Noriza A. Mansor has been named the first Straits Times Singaporean of the Year.

Madam Noriza, 50, beat nine other contenders to the title, which seeks to recognise Singaporeans whose extraordinary acts of goodwill, ingenuity or perseverance improved their community and the lives of others in 2015.

Photos of Singapore women breastfeeding in public get the Internet talking

Photo: Jen Pan Photography

Photos of two models breastfeeding in public without a nursing cover on have stirred interest online, with netizens debating if the images are sexualised.

One set of photos shows a woman in office wear breastfeeding her baby at Raffles Place, while the other is of another woman, dressed in an evening gown and high heels, breastfeeding in a forested area.

Gossip and income: How to survive being a single mum in Singapore

Image: The New Paper

Being an unwed mother is not easy, but each time Miss Katherine Sng looks at her son, who turns five this year, she knows she made the right decision.

The 38-year-old, who is the founder of online parenting magazine BubbaMama, said that while the "accidental pregnancy" was daunting, she has never had second thoughts about choosing single parenthood.