Women Now

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We speak with the owner of Guac and Co, on what inspired her to be a female entrepreneur
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Ex-lawyer started Barbie Girls - now Sasha's Fine Foods - to offer meat free of additives
She runs a pain-relief clinic too
“Transform. Lead the change you want to see”
From babe to mistress, Singapore’s award-winning magician Ning Cai is now all grown up with a new persona, and doing more than just illusions and escapology as Mind Magic Mistress – ma’am, yes, ma’am!
March is almost over but that doesn’t mean we should stop celebrating women. Here are a half dozen headliners from around Asia that are showing us how to run the world.
From conversing with some truly inspiring panelists on how they define their own success to participating in nifty DIY workshops and browsing the knick-knacks proffered at accompanying artisanal stalls, let’s just say the day ended with us leaving with very full hearts
He was still good friends with his former flame, but she ended up trying her best to snatch him away from me