How to dress for a job interview if you want to get the job

It's time we broke the news to you – your outfit can make or break your job interview. You might think that your qualifications and work experience are all you need to bag that job but how you dress plays a big part too. Here are some pointers.


How to dress for a job interview if you want to get the job OUTFITS


7 bad office dress codes and behavious that make you look unprofessional at work

Whether you're a business owner or a receptionist, it's important to appear professional at all times. And there might be some things you're doing – knowingly or unknowingly – that are ruining your professional image. Here's a rundown of some habits that you should stop right now, for the sake of your career.

5 tips on how successful women like Viola Tan and Rachel Lim made it in life and business!

Success in 2016 is wildly different from its definition even five years ago. Every year there seem to be new jobs that didn’t even exist the year before e.g. a Snapchat expert or Head of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram! Aside from professional success, motherhood, fatherhood, what it means to be fulfilled and ‘have it all’ are being redefined at a lighting fast pace. Living in an age and society where choice is abundant can sometimes be counter intuitive, so we decided to give you a helping hand. 

4 tips on how to start your own business in Singapore

Tired of your boss ringing you at all hours to ask ridiculous questions about a work project? Sick of the office politics that you can't keep up with? Or just – be honest here – can't be bothered to even pretend to like your colleagues anymore? Working for yourself could be the way to go and, as scary as it may sound, it's really not that difficult to get the ball rolling.

What you need to do when you lose your job in Singapore

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In 2016, losing your job in Singapore isn’t the disaster it used to be in the 1960s or 70s. Singapore has more job vacancies than job seekers, and companies pay top dollar for professionals, managers, executives, and technicians (PMETs) with valuable experience.

That said, you still need to take some quick financial steps within one week of being retrenched. The sooner you get things in place, the faster you’ll bounce back.

6 warning signs at a job interview you need to watch out for

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It’s a lot easier to be pickier about a job before you accept, rather than change jobs just because you can, only to realise you’ve switched to a job that’s worse than your last one.

I’ve had some jobs where all the colleagues around me just kept quitting. On hindsight, there were always some clear warning signs during the interview, including the following:

3 job-hunting tips for explaining unemployment gaps in your resume

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So you thought it was a great idea to embark on a 9 month voyage of self-discovery around the world. But now that you’re back and desperately job hunting, here’s the hard truth: Singapore employers would prefer it if you never, ever stopped working. Who needs holidays, right?

5 job application mistakes you're making


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You've seen a job ad that's right up your alley and you're convinced you're the right person for it. You set time aside to work on your resume and cover letter and you're convinced the HR manager won't be able to resist you. Then, nothing happens. Why are you not getting these jobs even though you have the relevant professional experience? It could be because of one of these reasons...

3 things you need to prepare before going freelance

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Lately, I’ve been getting lots of emails from readers asking for advice on how to transition to freelancing. It’s been two years since I left my job to freelance full-time, and in that time I’ve learnt a helluva lot more than I thought I would have to.