4 tips to end work earlier

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While Singaporeans spend longer hours at the office than, well, everyone else, they aren’t exactly known for being the most efficient workers. In fact, unless you’ve been working as a private tutor your entire career, you’ve probably witnessed first hand how the guy who stays the latest at the office is never the most productive.


3 major career mistakes Singaporeans regret making

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You know, I used to run a career counseling service. But it didn’t take off. “That’s because your only career tactic was to become an investment banker before 1981.” Hey, I promised correct job information. Useful is another issue. Better take job advice from real veterans if that what’s you want:

Regret #1: Not Upgrading or Learning a New Skill Set

How does salary letter day define me as a person?

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My fingers weren't exactly trembling and my heart wasn't quite thumping, but I was nervous.

Jan 21 was salary letter day.

In the past, we'd be called to the boss' room one by one and he'd hand us our envelopes.

A few years ago, the company decided to release the letters via e-mail.

Luckiest days to start work after Chinese New Year 2016

luckiest most auspicious dates to start work after chinese new year 2016 story

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The much-anticipated Lunar New Year long weekend is just days away, and while most of us are busy thinking about what to wear, how much to put in angbaos, spring cleaning and reunion dinner, there’s also the return to work at the end of the festivities. 

4 tips to make sure your job has 'work-life balance'

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As with most things in life, moderation is key. Many things in our modern world promote a lifestyle of excessiveness. Online shopping encourages excessive consumerism; all-you-can-eat buffets encourage overeating; and vast pools of social platforms stimulate anti-social behaviours in physical settings. And in the corporate rat race, competition causes exhaustion and in some cases, self- exploitation.

How you can quit your job and open your own restaurant in Singapore!

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Singaporeans love food. There’s usually as many photos of food on people’s Facebook and Instagram feeds as photos of human beings. After all, these days, anyone with tastebuds and a smartphone can call themselves a “food blogger”.

20 signs it's time for you to quit your job

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Not everyone has the chance to work in their dream job and sometimes you have to endure long enough in a less-than-perfect position to rise up the corporate ladder.

But after time, some jobs may not be worth the long hours you are putting in or the negative impacts it has on your health and well-being. Perhaps it's time to start looking for another job.

5 things you should be doing between jobs (apart from job hunting)!

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Getting retrenched is a fairly common occurrence in Singapore. Off the top of my head I can name numerous friends and acquaintances of all ages who’ve been retrenched. And it can take a long time (perhaps forever) to find another job if you’re an experienced hire and are looking for a position that can match your previous salary, as many retrenched middle-aged PMETs are finding out the hard way.

4 tips on how NOT to be underpaid at work

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So your boss refuses to let you leave the office before he does, which doesn’t really matter because you’re doing the work of 10 people anyway thanks to the manpower crunch. The least you could do is to ensure you’re getting paid a decent amount.