How to be more productive at work with less sleep

While it's recommended that we get between seven to nine hours of sleep each night, not many of us actually achieve this. If you need help getting through the work day because you're too sleepy, here are some tricks that'll do the job.

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The interview mistakes you must avoid if you want to get that job!

So your resume isn’t actually the best in the world, but neither is everyone else’s, aside from the odd overachiever. Why then have you received no call-backs after attending so many interviews?

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If you’ve gone for more than ten interviews but it seems that nobody was too excited to see you back there again, you’re probably not giving off the right vibes to hiring managers.

3 reasons to quit your traditional job and become an entrepreneur in Singapore

So everyone is always complaining about how Singaporeans aren’t entrepreneurial enough, that we’re such sticks in the mud, but is that really true? As far as I know, most of my friends would really love to send their bosses packing.

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The problem is that we’re also a risk averse bunch. No matter how much you hate your job, being employed is better than having to shoulder the responsibility of finding your own clients.

3 reasons why your university degree doesn’t matter anymore

Let's get one thing straight before we get to's definitely important to have a university degree if you want to be, say, a doctor, an accountant or a nurse. These professions require qualifications that can only be sought at universities, as opposed to at the 'university of life'. However, if you're gunning for a carer that isn't in one of these 'professional' roles, your university degree might not be the most important ticket you need for that career ride. 

How Singaporeans can avoid being taken advantage of by their employers!

In Singapore, whoever has the cash holds all the power. It’s embarrassing but true that employers in Singapore do not have the best reputation when it comes to treating their employees fairly.



We have that infamous boss who was caught in video slapping his intern, and the unscrupulous construction bosses who collude with doctors so their sometimes seriously injured workers don’t get the MC they deserve.

Are you part of the 'strawberry generation' with these 3 attitudes towards work?

It’s pretty safe to say that baby boomer bosses in Singapore hate having to hire millennials, other than for the reason that they’re cheap.

This is, after all, the strawberry generation filled with entitled pricks who quit jobs at a moments’ notice, want to get promoted on their second day on the job and have this curious obsession with flexibility.

3 ways to practice mindfulness in the workplace

Mindfulness is a buzzword these days but what does it mean exactly? It's a Buddhist concept that has been revived with a modern twist and basically means having an awareness of everything that's going on. It's about living in the present moment and paying attention to what's going on, while not judging anything. When you practice mindfulness properly, it can help to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as increase your emotional intelligence and improve communication in the workplace. Here's how you can practice this.