7 clever insider tricks to get a promotion at work

It's not just about working hard. You also need to play it smart to have a higher chance of being promoted at work


Being good at your job isn't always enough to get promoted. While hard work does eventually pay off, it isn't the only thing that will help you climb the career ladder. Here are seven ways to get there faster.

Know What You Want

If you have no career ambitions or no knowledge as to what sort of work is involved in superior positions in your company, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee. Every job has a set of requirements so you need to know what sort of skills are needed in order to do the job well, should you be promoted. Then, proceed to work on brushing them up and make sure that others notice your hard work. And, if your goal is to get a job in a promoted position in another company – and not just a promotion in your current organisation – work on your networking skills to make this happen.

Talk To Your Boss

We don't just mean telling her how interested you are in a promotion – although that helps too – but keeping her constantly informed about what you're doing at work. Not every boss is aware of every little thing that goes on in the office so, whenever you achieve something work-wise, tell your boss about it. Don't run to her office every time you accomplish something; give her an update perhaps every month or so. Also tell her about the successes of the staff you’re overseeing, so she knows what a good manager you are too. This is one situation where it's okay to brag so go ahead and do it.

Never Stop Learning

If there are any short courses or even university qualifications that will help with being more recognised at work, go ahead and sign up for them. Some self-initiated professional development never hurt anyone; it also shows that you have the drive to work on your own advancement. And when you've finished any course, make sure that everyone in your organisation knows about it, so that they are aware of your added skills and knowledge.

Dress And Act The Part

If you dress professionally, people have an easier time picturing you in more superior positions. So look smart and act the part, too – don’t bring any personal drama to work. Plus, dressing and behaving properly will also give you the added advantage of feeling more confident and competent, thus inadvertently making you perform better at your job, too.

Admit Your Mistakes

Don't shy away from any challenges you might be facing at work. Nobody's perfect and your boss certainly isn't expecting you to be flawless either. When anything goes wrong at work, figure out how you're going to overcome the situation, then tell your boss about it. This shows her that you're capable of solving your own problems, that you don't need hand-holding, and that you are mature enough to handle such situations.

Mingle With Everyone

You don't have to become BFFs with everyone in your office, but don't be anti-social either. Good social skills are a big plus when it comes to being successful at work so start talking. Nobody wants to promote someone who is aloof and doesn't go for any work parties. Mingling with others also gives you the chance to find out who's leaving (helpful news if you want their job) and what makes your colleagues and bosses tick.

Don't Expect A Promotion

If you walk around the office giving off vibes – or, worse still, telling everyone – about how you know you'll be getting a promotion soon, you're actually lowering your chances of getting one. Arrogance is a no-no in the working world and, even if you're very good at your job, your personality is an important aspect that bosses look at too. Be confident in your skills but don't be cocky as that will only put everyone off and you certainly won't be getting any rewards that way.

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