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Can you remain friends with your ex?

My very first relationship lasted for four years — from the time I was 17 until just before I turned 21.At that age, most of my romantic notions were shaped by sappy movies like A Walk to Remember (if nothing else, I’m sure the ladies remember Shane West) and Love Actually, as well as a generous dose of emo tunes by Green Day and Hoobastank. In short, I thought that my relationships would last a lifetime, and even if they didn’t, everyone involved would all still find it in themselves to get along. Because that’s what being mature is all about, right?

Wisdom through the (y)ears

“Are you half rat?”“Do you think your children will be able to fly like Dumbo?“Can you fold them in please? They’re blocking out the sun.”As far as I can remember, my ears have been a source of awe, amusement, and ridicule to the people in my life. Not only are they sized above-average, they stick out. The seemingly rude questions above are only a sampling of the jibes I have received since I started school, but have since learned to embrace and even cherish.Lest you think I’m exaggerating my plight, take a look at these pictures of me as a child:

My encounter with Nico, Felipe and Michael

We headed to a number of media appearances and got to hang out with a few of the Formula One racers, who were in town for the weekend. We saw a different side of the boys, off the track - Nico Rosberg charmed us with his witty humour, Felipe Massa put his dedication on display and Michael Schumacher showed that he was a class act.
Here are the highlights!

The great ‘con’ of contentment

Most people haven’t a clue what contentment in a relationship is. Those striving for contentment do as much as they can in the hopes of finally achieving it.
There are couples who try their best to be “perfect” for their partner, or think they’d only be happy if they were with The Perfect Man. Then there are those who think a baby, an expensive car or a larger house would bring about contentment and keep everyone happy. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.