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Real Beauty comes from within. QYRA® Intensive Care Collagen provides the skin with highly effective collagen peptides that enter the deep dermal layers of the skin – where topical cosmetics cannot be effective. 

The Substance
VERISOL® – comprises scientifically proven Bioactive Collagen Peptides®

The Result
QYRA® works systemically on the entire body and smoothens the skin from within. It improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and increases moisture significantly.

In essence, QYRA® Collagen Drink is scientifically proven to: 

•       Reduce cellulite in 6 months
•       Reduce wrinkles in 4-8 weeks
•       Improve skin elasticity by 30%
•       Increase skin moisture by 18%
•       Reduce UVB damage

QYRA® Collagen Drink is made in Germany.

•   1 vial daily - Shake well and drink (for better efficiency consume before bed, as the body recovers during sleep).
•   Stores well in dry conditions and room temperature

Recommended usage length
•   Min. 4-8 weeks equivalent to 2-3 packages.
•   6 months to reduce cellulite

Capacity of the package
21 ready-to-drink vials

24 months

For more information, check out  Website.

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Win a QYRA Collagen Drink worth more than $1.200