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Why you need to check out the Juun J pop-up store

I have to admit that I’m kind of bored with “regular” fashion. Yes, I love a good Givenchy bag, shoe or tee as much as any fashion editor, but I’m also a little tired of being able to describe a new collection in a series of decades … “Oh, it’s so 40s daywear with a 70s evening wear vibe” for example.


Shoe shopping for a run

The missionWhen the opportunity to run in the Puma Night Run in Seoul came knocking, the story was assigned straightaway to the most sporty member of the herworldPLUS team – that would be me.

We bring you the H&M Singapore store opening; as it happens!

The team chats to shoppers about what they bought & how much they spent at the opening day of H&M Singapore
One of the most anticipated events in Singapore’s high street fashion landscape ‒ the opening of H&M ‒ has created a frenzy of Facebook posts and Tweets.
After surviving the crowds at the preview opening event last night, the intrepid team has braved hangovers and morning shoppers to stake out the Orchard Building H&M store to bring you a blow-by-blow blog on what goes down, who’s there and what you should buy.

Shop for Singapore style at Blueprint

AFF may be over but there's more fine fashion, of the local & regional variety, to be had at Blueprint 2011
Audi Fashion Festival is over for another year, there were massive hits, a few misses and more extreme high-heels than you could poke a stick at.
But don’t panic, there’s still more fashion to be had – and it’s a damn sight more affordable than the gorgeous but totally out of my price range garments I’ve seen strutting down the runway all week.

7 sexy lingerie brands to follow on Instagram and shop in Singapore!

Instagram has become a daily habit for me. Yet, unlike a lot of social media behaviour, my Instagram obsession is one I consider to be healthy. I am inspired everyday by peppy quotes of the day (#qotd), get to share in the beauty of my friends’ moments around the world and discover the best up and coming designers and brands before they explode. It’s a feed that I can curate according to my tastes and fancies, what’s not to love?

Singapore marriages mostly end in divorce

Images: The Straits Times

Marriages, it seems, do not last the way they used to. Recent ones appear to be breaking up far more often than those in the past, a wide-ranging government study has found.

And, in cases where a man ties the knot at an especially young age, the marriage becomes even more vulnerable.