Wallet-friendly designer furniture at Commune

Commune furniture thumbnail SEE PHOTOS: This store’s affordable and chic furniture makes it a hidden gem at Millenia Walk.

Fashion-savvy shoppers often don’t stop at amassing unique and stylish outfits for every occasion, they often seek to acquire other beautifully well-designed objects too; art and furniture included.

Now, you can have designer home furnishings that is just as tasteful as the items in your wardrobe. Don’t worry, Commune’s furniture prices won’t break the bank either.

Tusk dining set from Commune, furniture
TUSK dining table ($1,399)

If you appreciate the cosy warmth of wooden furnishings, you’re certainly not alone. Located at Millenia Walk, Commune’s focus on lumber is quite apparent the minute you step into the store. In fact, all of its wood furniture are eco-conscious, in-house designs. The timber that Commune uses have been internationally certified to be taken from sustainable sources in Southeast Asia.

One of Commune’s standout dining sets, pairs a handsome dark oak with black banding; a design that is just as telling of the store’s overall aesthetics. It’s a contemporary, minimalist sensibility to timber: Commune’s creative director Julian Koh prefers to veer away from the starker industrial designs while keeping his creations modern and homely.

The dining set featured above, for instance, is inspired by the oak wine barrels displayed at an Australian cafe: the sleek black frame adds a modern touch to the rustic appeal of wood furniture.

Kardell dining set from Commune, furniture asolo 3 pc bookcase from Commune, furniture

Kardell dining table ($1,299)
and Asolo 3 tier bookcase ($850)

Looking for even more minimalistic designs? Commune’s adjustable Asolo bookshelf unit is great for creative-types. This bookcase’s box-shaped units are detachable; you’re free to remove, add and shift these around to accommodate your changing shelving needs.

If you prefer the lighter-coloured birch wood for your living space, the Kardell dining set is another of the store’s popular solid oak options.

Commune’s lifestyle concept does make for a fun visit too; like IKEA’s room-specific displays, homeowners can shop for a complete “look” for their dining room. Clock on the wall at Commune, home decor

Commune brings in quirky home accessories by international designers while commissioning both local and international artists to create paintings and works to complement their wood furniture.

We spotted intricate ink sketches by students of Pathlight School, some lovely silk screened printed cushions by South African artist Deborah McKellar, a partially sawed off lampshade and even a large clock that you could literally stick onto your wall (as seen on the right): paste on those metal clock numbers the way you would attach a permanent wall decal.

Although this furniture store is by no means large, we can’t wait to see more new designs from Commune; we think it’ll find fans among shoppers on the hunt for classic wood furniture. But do act fast, as stocks come and go quickly.  

Address: Raffles Boulevard, Level 2, Millenia Walk, Tel: 6338 3823.

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