4 tips to note when getting a memory foam pillow

How to get used to a memory foam pillow if you're making the switch for the first time, how to clean it and more.

PHOTO vgstudio

  1. Give yourself five to seven days to get used to your new pillow, especially if you are switching from a non-memory foam pillow.
  2. The sides of contoured memory foam pillows come in two heights ─ usually 10cm and 12cm. Choose the side that's more comfortable for you.
  3. Replace memory foam pillows once every two to three years ─ they lose their shape after that.
  4. Sun your memory foam pillow regularly to get rid of odours. If you must, handwash your pillow with a mild detergent, press out the water gently (never wring) and let it air dry. 


This story was first published in Simply Her April 2014.

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