Review: Portable chargers for smartphones

Portable phone chargers 90 Charge your phone on the go with a portable charger; we review four here

Feel helpless when your iPhone or Android phone dies on you? A portable charger will ensure your gadget never runs out of juice.

What It Is
A portable smartphone charger is an external power pack. Plug it into your computer or laptop to charge it, then connect it to your smartphone to transfer the stored power over.

TIP: A higher mAh rating on your smart phone charger indicates a larger charging capacity, but it also means it’ll take a longer time to charge your power pack; each one takes three to eight hours to charge.

Review: Portable chargers for smartphones


Editor’s Rave


$109, from Epicentre and Singtel Hello! Stores in Singapore

WORKS WITH Android phones and tablets, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone and iPod. Comes with three cables – for Blackberry, Apple and Android devices.

SIZE At 214g, it is the heaviest of the lot, but is still fl at enough to fit into a clutch.

SPEED It can fully recharge your smartphone four or five times before it needs to be charged itself; a full recharge of an iPhone took about 98 minutes.

VERDICT 8. Packs the highest capacity and recharges the most quickly. Get this if you tote around multiple gadgets or if you use a lot of energy-draining features like Bluetooth or GPS on your phone.


Review: Portable chargers for smartphones

Great Find


$69.90, from Epicentre, Challenger, Gain City, Evergreen, Popular, Harvey Norman and Cyberactive stores in Singapore

WORKS WITH Android phones, Blackberry, iPhone and iPod. Comes with two cables and jacks for various types of smartphones.

SIZE At just 66g, this portable charger will hardly weigh down your bag. This credit card-sized device could even be slot into the back pocket of jeans. It comes with a little pouch that holds the cable and charger.

SPEED It took about 125 minutes for the power pack to recharge an iPhone. But one full charge of the power pack could only power up the phone once.

VERDICT 7. The most compact, but has the lowest recharging capacity. Good if you don’t need multiple recharges in a day.


Review: Portable chargers for smartphones


$69.90, from Best Denki, Challenger, Harvey Norman, and Sony stores in Singapore

WORKS WITH Android phones, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone and iPod. Comes with one cable for Android devices.

SIZE The sleekest, thinnest charger of the lot, it weighs 125g and fi ts snugly in most evening clutches.

SPEED This took about 110 minutes to fully recharge an iPhone. It lasts one and a half to two full recharges.

VERDICT 7. Although it is bigger than the Energizer and Nokia chargers, it packs a larger recharging capacity, too. But it is the only charger without a power indicator, so it’s hard to tell how much power was left in it.


Review: Portable chargers for smartphones


$45, from Nokia stores in Singapore

WORKS WITH Android phones, Blackberry, iPhone and iPod. Comes with one cable for Android phones.

SIZE Weighing just 75g, this cylindrical, iPhone-length device feels light, and you can use your phone comfortably while it’s plugged in.

SPEED It gives your smartphone a full recharge in about two hours. Lasts up to one and a half full recharges.

VERDICT 6. We like the compact design, but iPhone users have to use their own cable from home or buy an extra one to use on the go.


All shops are in Singapore. This article was originally published in Simply Her December 2012.

All product and pricing information was correct at the time of the magazine’s publication. We advise readers to check with the store for the latest availability and pricing information.

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