Stay safe from Zika and dengue with Mosclean, an LED-based mosquito trap that zaps Aedes mosquitoes

Instead of chemical pesticides, try Seoul Viosys' mosquito trap which uses UV LED light to trap mosquitoes.

mosclean - led-based mosquito trap

A new mosquito trap lamp from Korea has entered the market, and it promises to be particularly effective against the Aedes aegypti, the mosquito that carries the Zika and dengue virus.

Seoul Viosys, which specialises in UV LED and Blue LED Chip manufacturing, says their violeds (violet LED) technology-based Mosclean works better than the conventional mercury-based lamps.

A research in University of Florida, conducted by Professor Phil Koehler, found that "the Mosclean consistently caught up to 13 times more Zika-carrying mosquitoes, and up to nine times more Malaria-carrying mosquitoes" than mercury-based lamps. 

Mosclean also features a coating that produces carbon dioxide, which in combination with the light and heat from the violed technology, works well to kill mosquitoes. 

So far, 45,000 Moscleans have been sold in Korea.

Seoul Viosys is working on an outdoor version, which uses solar cell power.

Mosclean by Seoul Viosys retails for $88, at Home-Fix DIY stores and Metro Centrepoint.


This article was first published on Home & Decor.

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