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Tips on how to travel safely

Travel emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime. This sombre reality of modern travel has been accentuated, again, by the multiple terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia and elsewhere during the Ramadan holy month. The Islamic State (ISIS) took credit for the unrelenting violence.

5 travel packing hacks to help save your luggage space


For some of us, the lunar new year signals a time for get-togethers with family and friends which inevitably means gathering around the dinner table for hot pot, exchanging pleasantries with relatives (who you only meet once a year) and for those who’re married — handing out red packets.

5 cities perfect for a last-minute Easter getaway!

Image: Robert Essel NYC / Corbis

We love our long weekends. It’s the breather we all need from work, and for others, it’s the perfect opportunity to use their annual leave for a longer break.

If #wanderlust is hitting you hard, then we’re here to play devil’s advocate. Take some (deserving) time off and travel. #YOLO, right?

My weekend at the W

W hotels have always stood out from the usual luxe hotel chains. There is just something so edgy and irreverent about the brand that makes it so appealing. If we were to liken the entire hotel sector to a high school – the Ritzs, the St Regis and the Cappellas would be the rich kids of the school, the ones who enjoy luxury and opulence in abundance, the uber privileged, as you would call them.

Perth: Nothing ho-hum about it

To be honest, if you had mentioned the city of Perth, in Australia, to me a couple of weeks ago, and asked me to tell you something about it, I would have come up blank. Perth, to me, was nothing more than a sleepy city where tons of Singaporean kids were sent to further their studies and like any other Australian city where all activity ceased after 5pm when the stores closed. But my recent trip there to cover their pride and joy, Perth Fashion Festival 2012, has completely changed my opinion.