Brides-to- be, listen up! You’re probably cracking your head as to how to create the most memorable wedding experience – one that will be the benchmark for all weddings to come. You’ll be glad to know that we’ve got you covered. Get ready to keep your guest’s yawns at bay with these 5 unique wedding entertainment ideas.


1. Hire a performer

Everyone loves a good show - as long as they’re not forced into it. Whether it’s a magician or a tarot card reader, the options for wedding entertainment are endless. Not to mention, hiring a performer means that while everyone is engrossed with the fun, you get to sneak off for a short breather.


2. Liquor tasting

If we’re being honest, apart from witnessing a beautiful union, the next best thing about attending weddings is the alcohol. Since most of your wedding guests will be flocking over to where the alcohol is being served, why not spice up your bar with a fun cocktail tasting? But consider having them served in small doses – you wouldn’t want them getting too wasted, or busting your alcohol budget.

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3. Have live musicians


As much as you’d love to envision your crowd busting some cool dance moves on the floor, it almost always never happen as most people tend to shy away from attention. So instead of putting your guests in an awkward situation, celebrate your special day with a live band that’ll get your guests bopping to the beat. And whether you’re into groovy punk or acoustic tunes, a live band usually has the flexibility to suit the genre you’re going for. Bonus point: You get to rope in your musically talented buddies!


4. Photo Booth

I know, I know. This idea is not the newest trend in town, but you got to admit that it does brings quite a fair bit of fun and laughter in a wedding. Plus, it serves to give your guest a small memory to take home too. I personally, am a huge fan of the photo booths mainly because I love snapping cute photos and pasting them up on my wall. Place props at the side for your guests to have fun with. If you're looking to up your photo booth game, check out these gif booth options


5. Wedding Libs

If you’ve watched Jimmy Kimmel, you’d have probably seen his rendition of Mad Libs. How it works? You’re given a page of sentences with blanks in between and your task is to fill them up accordingly. The objective of the game is to produce a short and silly story that sounds totally ridiculous. Bring out your creative side and change up the text to suit your personality. Let your guests fill them up either during reception or the dinner, and read their responses during your honeymoon. We’re sure it’ll have you in fits of uncontrollable laughter.

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