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Singapore couple's secret location wedding video shoot in Bhutan goes viral

Would you sign up for a wedding photo and video shoot on which you have absolutely no idea of where you're headed to? That's what this couple did.

Would you sign up for a wedding photo and video shoot on which you have absolutely no idea of where you're headed to? 

That's what Singapore couple Kelvin Tan and Linda Sim did, engaging wedding photography and cinematography company, Moomedia, to take them to an undisclosed destination for their wedding shoot. Moomedia specialises in shooting in exotic locations and their repertoire includes Mongolia, Xinjiang, Bhutan, Iceland, Madagascar, Myanmar, South Africa. Their Secret Location videos have also been gaining popularity with couples. 

Kelvin, a civil servant and Linda, a Masters student in the University of Western Australia tell us more about their unforgettable journey (which has since garnered 72K views and more than 1,000 shares). 

What made you decide to sign up for this?

We wanted something memorable and we love embarking on new adventures together. Besides, we are huge fans of Andrew's (Andrew Mok is the creative director of Moomedia). We love his works and trust that he will take awesome pictures no matter where we go.

What was your reaction upon finding out that it was Bhutan?

Our tickets first said Paro, instead of Bhutan, and we had no idea where Paro was. As Linda turned to the check in counter that said "Kolkata", she got such a shock because she thought we were going to India for the shoot. Upon a closer look, we realised that it said, "Paro via Kolkata", saw that the airline that we were taking was "Drukair" and were so relieved to know that we were going to Bhutan. It's known as the happiest country in the world and was also part of our bucket list, so we were super excited!

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Any tips for couples going to Bhutan to take their wedding portraits? 

Tip: Bring your own food if you are a picky eater. If you are going during winter, make sure that heaters in the hotel rooms are working.
When we first got there, all of us felt like we were 80 year olds because climbing a flight of stairs was so much harder due to the altitude. However, we got used to it after a couple of days and when we got back, we felt that our stamina increased and could actually run further than we usually do! We went during winter and expected the cold temperature but what we didn't expect was how cold the rooms could be even with the heater on. At one point, Linda was wearing two sets of long johns to keep warm.

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What's your biggest takeaway from the trip? 
Linda: Because we spent most days away from the city and were up in the mountain, the Internet and TV connections weren't as great as we would have liked them to be. It was a blessing in a way because Kelvin and I just sat down and talked through the night without any technological distractions. I saw how protective Kelvin was of me, offering me his jacket at any chance he could and making sure that I was feeling alright the whole time. On top of that, Andrew and us forged a friendship that went beyond clients and photographer. 

Kelvin: It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I am glad to have experienced with Linda. She was never one to venture into countrysides but she was game for anything and everything Andrew (Moomedia) had planned for the trip. The highlight of the trip for me was not entirely about Bhutan but to see Linda brave the cold (near 5 degree Celsius in her super thin gowns), the altitude and the insanely hectic schedule during the shoot.

Would you encourage couples to sign up for it as well?
Definitely! Secret Location was one of the most spontaneous decisions we've made and we got so much out of it. Not only did we explore an exotic country, gain new friends and shot phenomenal pictures, the experience also brought us closer together than we already were. 

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