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#Grooms We Love: “Because of him, I can face the future with optimism.”

#Grooms We Love: “Because of him, I can face the future with optimism.”

Opposites attract! Alyssa Peter shares how her fiancé, Rethinam Ganesan, is her number one supporter.


"If I had to sum up Rethinam in one line, it will be this. 'He is everything I am not'
I am an introvert, he is an extrovert.
I am a dreamer, he is a planner.
I am witty, he is stoic.
I am late, he is punctual.



It was these differences that drew me to him. He constantly showers me with love and warmth.

He even hand-made a gift for each month of our first year together and his small acts of random hugs and kisses were an added bonus.



Despite the numerous challenges in life, Rethinam has always stood by me, never wavering and always making sure I knew he is my back. 

Because of him, I can now face the future with optimism.

He is my number one supporter and I am extremely thankful he will be the one I will be marrying this year."


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