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#Grooms We Love contest: Calynn shares why she thinks her husband Derek deserves to win!

Her World Brides’s Grooms We Love contest: Tell us the reasons why you love your man and stand to win a weekend staycation at Oasia Hotel!

Here’s why Calynn Chow thinks her husband, Derek Teh, deserves to win Her World Brides’s #groomswelove contest:

Derek is the most sincere, loving and patient man I know. He will go the distance to help people around him, and is always willing to give his time and effort genuinely.

He plans our weekly date night, and makes an effort to keep the romance, love and fun in our marriage alive. 

He always considers my feelings and opinions first before making a decision.  He respects me and does not insist on having his own way.

When it comes to differences, he seeks to understand more than to be understood.

I know he looks out for me, especially when I have had a lousy day. He will offer a listening ear, even if he had a long day of work as well.

At the end of the conversation, he would always end off with, “What can I do to make you feel better?”

I am assured of his love for me and he shows it through his actions. A strong marriage is build on a foundation of mature love rather than romantic ideals. 

It is not magically created when you say, “I DO”. A good marriage is built on a lifetime of “I Dos”.


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