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An Olympic marriage! Japan and Taiwan's table tennis Olympians tie the knot in Sept 2016

Four-time Olympian and Rio Games bronze medalist, Ai Fukuhara, and Taiwan's Chiang Hung Chieh (who was also at the Rio Games) made the announcement at a news conference in Tokyo.

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When news of their relationship first broke, it was reported that the Japanese National Team was against it, calling it a "status-gap relationship" (which referred to Fukuhara's high ranking and celebrity status).

But despite their rocky beginnings, fellow Olympians Ai Fukuhara and Chiang Hung Chieh have made it to the altar after all.

The newly-weds looked a picture of bliss, as they addressed the media in Tokyo on Sept 21, 2016. Dressed in a traditional pastel kimono and dapper black suit respectively, the couple revealed several things:

Their wedding date
They registered their marriage officially in Tokyo on Sept 1, 2016, and have also done so in Chiang's native Taiwan.


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Their wedding bands
In a nod to their professions, the couple sported custom-made wedding bands (designed by Chiang), with table tennis balls engraved onto them. (See other wedding band inspirations here, and more unique designs here.)

The proposal
It was significant, as Chiang, who also played at the Rio Games, revealed that he gave her a key, and said that he "hoped that she would be an owner of our home." (source). (See also: these sweet proposals from real grooms, as well as how this British director pulled off an epic Disney-themed proposal here.)


What do you think of Ai Fukuhara's wedding ring?

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Fukuhara, who is fluent in Mandarin, and is also popular in China due to her early training there, said of her new husband: "He's always there to listen and gives me his undivided attention no matter what state I’m in."

She added: “I hope I can be an example to my juniors that one can continue (playing table tennis) even after getting married.” (source)

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