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1. Know the look you want
This is the first thing you should determine, before you even start searching for a stylist. Even if you don't know how exactly you want your hair to be, bring together a few of the styles you like, and save it for your first appointment with him or her.

2. Bring image examples
Be prepared during your first appointment, if not you might be wasting your time then. Plus, it can be hard to articulate the type of look and feel you want. Your pictures will be able to illustrate your wants better.

3. Record the final look
Once your stylist is done during the appointment, ask him or her to help take pictures of your hair from every angle. This will also help determine how your hair will look in pictures on the day of.

4. Trial runs
It's important to get a hair and makeup trial done before the wedding so you can see whether the style given by the stylist is something you want for your big day. Ask also: whether they'd be willing to do more than one look during the trial appointment, and what their trial rates are. 

5. Services
If you prefer your stylist be around during most of the wedding to do touch-ups, or you only need him or her to be around for a few hours, communicate them to your stylists. Some charge extra, or some don't even do that at all depending on availability on the day itself.

6. Before you hire
Confirm that he or she will be available during the date of your wedding as well as other events where you might require his or her services. Then, discuss packages and prices. Once it's all confirmed, ask if you need to pay a deposit first, and if so, request for a receipt. If there's no receipt, have your stylist sign a formal contract or agreement to show that he or she will render his or her services at the rate you agreed.

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