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Venue to photography: How should you allocate your wedding budget?

How much should you expect to allocate for different expenses?

Venue & Catering

How to allocate your wedding budget!

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Though you may have specific budgeting priorities, the average bride and groom should expect to spend the most- over 40% of your overall budget- on venue and catering. This includes food, drinks, rentals and the venue for your wedding ceremony. An average wedding reception for 100 to 300 guests can run up to $40,000 while a larger reception for up to 500 guests will put you back by $60,000.



How to allocate your wedding budget!

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The next highest expenditure would be pre-wedding and wedding day photography. On average, couples spend a total of $4,000 to $8,000 for both pre-wedding and wedding day photography.


Wedding planner

And for those who are looking to hire a wedding planner, be ready to fork out anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. As with photography rates, prices and budgets can vary greatly for wedding planning services.


Decor & Makeup

How to allocate your wedding budget!

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For everything else, you’ll need to plan to divvy up the remaining of your budget on smaller expenses. These would consist of décor, flowers, hair and makeup and transportation.  On average, most couples tend to spend under $1,000 for décor and $350 to $500 for hair and makeup.


Hidden extras

Remember to also put aside some budget for hidden costs when you’re planning your budget!  This can include tax and service fees and extra charges for delivery of rentals.


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