Finally, you can fix the dark circles under your eyes!

BEAUTY REVIEW: I try the Restylane tear trough treatment and discover a practically permanent solution to the dark circles under my eyes!

Dark under-eye circles, panda eyes, continually looking like I’ve had a sleepless night … All these things are down to having thinner skin in the under-eye area which sometimes makes it look like I have been punched in the face. I’ve tried all sorts of eye creams and concealers ‒ some of which have worked for a short amount of time – but none of which have completely solved my dark eye circle problem completely.

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So, I was excited to hear about the use of Restylane ‒ a popular facial filler – in the area of the face called the “tear trough”, this is a space of about finger width that goes from the inner corner of your eye in a semi-circular arc under your eye; it’s the area that separates your eye from your cheek area and the “deeper” it is, the darker your eye circles appear.

This is where the popular facial filler Restylane comes into play; you can have the filler injected into the tear trough area to “fill it up” basically and therefore reduce the appearance of those dark circles.

Dr Lam Bee Lan from Ageless Aesthetics suggested I get the filler during my consultation with her for the Dysport Dermalift procedure ‒ she said that by boosting up this area the dark circles would be reduced and “take 10 years off your age” (which is exactly what we all want right?).

Basically the application of a filler is the same as for any “injectable” aesthetic procedure. Your face is cleaned and numbing cream is applied. The doctor then works out the best entry points for the injections of filler and off you go.

There is some pain when the doctor uses a cannula, or blunt needle, to inject the popular facial filler, Restylane – the reason a blunt instrument is used is so the doctor can just push aside the fine veins in the face and therefore not cause any burst blood vessels – but it doesn’t hurt any more than botox. There’s a bit of a weird sensation when you feel the product moving under your skin but it’s over fairly quickly.

Restylane is a hyaluronic acid gel that is said to also increase the skin’s ability to self-hydrate as well as to help improve the skin’s elasticity; the volume of the product increases the “fullness” of the skin when it’s used as a facial filler.

The results are amazing … You really can see an almost immediate difference in the reduction of fine lines first and then, over the next few days, your dark circles become lighter. Within a week I looked as fresh as a daisy despite having had less than three hours sleep the night before – I’d just got off an overnight flight and people were remarking how fabulous I looked! Within two weeks people who hadn’t seen me for months were asking if I’d lost weight (I hadn’t) and again remarking how “fresh” I looked. And when I did some filming (which I never do – I even hate having my photo taken!) for the first time in years my face didn’t look like an animated skull!

I’m a total convert to the benefits of this Restylane tear trough treatment … It really does work to reduce the dark circles under your eyes, and according to the doctor it should last for around nine months minimum, and up to a year! That’s practically a permanent solution for me.

The Restylane tear trough treatment costs $800 to $900 per vial (the number of vials used will depend on the size of the area that needs to be treated; the doctor can give you can estimate prior to your treatment) at Ageless Aesthetics with Dr Lam. Ageless Aesthetics is located at #02-18, Thomson Plaza, 301 Upper Thomson Road. Tel: +65 6452 0368 or +65 9227 1933. For more information about Ageless Aesthetics, go to For more information about Rystylane and how it can be used, go to


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