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The new must-have super moisturising tinted lipbalms for an effortless pout

YSL and Laneige are changing the game with their brand new tinted lipbalms

While 2015 was the beginning of the matte liquid lipstick trend and glosses came back in a big way last year, 2017 is shaping up to be the year of lip balms. Quite frankly, after the matte lipstick trends of late, we’re more than happy to give our lips a nourishing break from all that dryness!

This January, both Yves Saint Laurent Beaute and Laneige have emerged with tinted lip balms, as sequels or hybrids of existing best-sellers. Both are buttery soft on the lips, and all set to keep your pout well taken care of.

Keep scrolling to read about both tinted lip balms to figure out which one suits your needs and tastes (or budget) best!


Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Volupte Tint-in-Balm, $54

ysl beaute volupte tint in balm singapore review price

YSL’s Volupte Tint-in-Balm is a hybrid of their Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks and Volupte Tint-in-Oil. The tint is sheer but modeled after the Tint-in-Oil where staying power is concerned, and the lip balm has a super nourishing lip-shaped core that gives your lips that extra level of care. The more you apply it, the deeper the colour gets and the longer the tint lasts, though even at its darkest, the tint is still just that - a sheer kiss of colour.

The texture is so buttery soft that it practically melts onto your lips with each swipe. It’s pure comfort for your lips and is thankfully completely non-sticky. The moisture also lasts a good few hours, but with how good it feels on the lips, you’re likely to find yourself wanting to reapply it more often than not!

ysl beaute volupte tint in balm singapore review price 12 colours

The range is available in 12 colours, with No. 5 Dare Me Plum being one of my favourites. After several swipes, the colour payoff is akin to that of a wine-stained plum (think a Ribena-toned lip balm).


Laneige Two Tone Lip Tint Bar, $32

Laneige Two Tone Lip Tint Bar review singapore price 8 colours

Consider Laneige’s Two Tone Lip Tint Bar a sequel to their original Two Tone Lip Bar which made the signature Korean gradient ombre lip trend a breeze to pull off. The new lip tint version has a slightly different design where the two products in the tube meet.

Instead of the original lip bar which had the two shades meet in a single diagonal line, the new lip tint bar has the tint section sitting in a ‘V’ shape.This design is meant to allow you to keep the rosy tint on the inner part of your lips with the balm deals with the drier outer area of your lips.

How to use the Laneige Lip Tint Bar

Laneige Two Tone Lip Tint Bar review singapore price 8 colours how to use

With this product, you still get that gorgeous K-beauty gradient, but with a sheerer colour payoff and a more nourishing finish. The balm comes in eight stunning pastel colours like blue, mint and purple, but actually gives off various shades of red when applied to create a sheer layer of natural lip colour on the outer lips. To nail the gradient effect, simply apply to the lower lip with the tint side facing up, and flip it upside down to use on the upper lip. Press your lips together to blend out the gradient and you’re good to go!

If you enjoy the brand’s Lip Sleeping Mask (we absolutely love it), you’ll be pleased to find that these lip tint bars contain the same moisture wrap technology that locks in the moisture and keeps your lips hydrated. Out of the eight different shades, two are special colour combinations hand-picked by brand ambassador and Korean sweetheart Lee Sung Kyung!


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