How to look like you had a great night's sleep

Eye bags, dark under-eye circles and puffy lids don’t stand a chance against Prive Aesthetics’ PerfectEye treatment

You’ve heard the expressions “the eyes are the windows to the soul” or “the eyes have it”, but the skin around your eyes says a lot too. Fine lines, crow’s feet, dark under-eye circles, puffiness and eye bags can make you look years older, not to mention, tired, stressed and sleep-deprived.

Getting enough rest or avoiding stress isn’t always possible, and concealer and powder can only hide so much. With the PerfectEye treatment from Prive Aesthetics, there’s no reason for fatigue and a lack of sleep to show up around your eyes.

Bring tired-looking eyes to life

Designed to combat symptoms of fatigue around the eyes, PerfectEye uses the latest technology that sends ultra-short bursts of energy into the deeper layers of skin to stimulate collagen production and boost blood circulation. The 45-minute treatment promises to reduce pigmentation by destroying the melanin without affecting the rest of the skin in this thin, delicate area. It also infuses skin with stem cell proteins to help tighten and lift saggy skin around the eyes.

The result is skin that looks and feels firmer and more resilient. According to Prive Aesthetics, dark under-eye circles and eye bags will look diminished, and you’ll notice a reduction in fine lines under and around your eyes. At first glance, this area will appear fresher and more rejuvenated – like you’ve just had a good night’s sleep.

Safe, effective and fast

PerfectEye is the ideal lunchtime eye fix. It’s said to be virtually pain-free, with little to no downtime. According to Prive Aesthetics, you may experience mild to moderate redness after the treatment, but this only lasts two to seven days. For optimal results, your therapist may recommend up to four sessions (depending on the condition of the skin around your eyes), each performed three weeks apart.


Try PerfectEye at an introductory price of $255 (UP $388). You’ll also get to take home a sample of Calecim Professional Serum (4ml) worth $150 for post-treatment care at home.

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