Which K-drama hottie is your dreamboat?

Are you Team Kim Shin from Goblin or Team Yoo Si Jin from D.O.T.S. (Descendants of the Sun)?

Let’s be honest here, we’ve all dreamed about dating a K-drama hottie at some point in time. How could we not? They’re oh-so-sweet, sometimes cheeky but mostly drop-dead gorgeous.

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But, the million dollar question is: Which of these four dreamboats would you rather date?


Kim Shin from Goblin


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Elusive and always in black, you’re fatally attracted to his sombre and cool looks. He lets you know that you’re the one he has been waiting for that you complete his life. Bonus: He has superpowers and you can summon him (because you know,  he's YOUR goblin) anytime, anywhere.


Yoo Si Jin from Descendants of the Sun


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He may stand you up on a date, but can you blame him? He’s away protecting his country. When he does have time, you’re always his priority. He loves poking fun at you but knows how to be a gentleman when needed (like tying your laces for you - and by laces, we mean your shoes, darling).


Kim Tan from The Heirs


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This hopeless romantic has got it all: Looks, wealth and an undying passion for... you. He lets you know when he misses you, he never wants you to leave his side and he understands that crying doesn’t make him any less manly.


Do Min-Joon from My Love from Another Star


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He’s so mysterious and you can’t really Google him considering how he has to take on a new identity every 10 years. He may be an alien, but he’s one suave extra-terrestrial to be with. Distant and cold, could you be the girl that will melt his heart?


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