Taiwan star Vivian Hsu has given birth in Singapore!

The Taiwanese singer, actress and model has given birth to her first child with Singapore-based husband

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Taiwanese star Vivian Hsu announced on Facebook that she has given birth to her first child, a boy. Image: Vivian Hsu/Facebook

TAIPEI - Taiwanese star Vivian Hsu announced on Facebook that she has given birth to a boy, her first child with Singapore-based, Indonesia-born husband Sean Lee.

Her 2kg bundle of joy is named Dalton Lee, as both parents' names end with an "n", and "D" comes in between the "C" and "E" in the names of Hsu's step-daughters Clara and Elisha, the Facebook post said.

According to reports, Hsu had a Caesarean birth last Thursday at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore.

Hsu, 40, had been resting following the delivery and could only announce the birth today, according to her Facebook posting.

The actress has had a difficult pregnancy since announcing it in March, and had spent much of it bed.

"Mum says my long eyes and long fingers look like hers, and I look like my dad in other aspects," goes the post, written in the voice of little Dalton.

Hsu also attached a photo of herself cradling Dalton in bed.

She revealed that, despite her difficult pregnancy, she was able to ensure that Dalton reached 32 weeks in gestation before the delivery, so that the baby would not suffer much upon birth.

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