How to get your man to fulfil your fantasies in bed

Gentle and loving intimacy is great, but every now and again, a girl likes to be pinned down. If you’re in the same situation, all is not lost, here are some tips to make a man dominate in bed


1. Roleplay:
One of the best ways to get him to dominate is to give him a role where it’s obvious he has to be the dominating one. Perhaps act out the roles of a secretary and her boss. Or a professor and a school girl. Don’t use roles where the man takes an inferior role to the woman, like a pizza delivery guy… it doesn’t work like that.

2. Go Somewhere Together:
Go on a weekend trip with your spouse in a completely new environment and have sex there. Take a shower together. When you both go to a new place together, it is something you will remember for a long time and that could make the man more vibrant in bed.

4. Bring it up:
Once you discover what you will turn you on and where you will like to start, you need to bring it up with your partner. Do not wait for him to initiate it. Be clear but casual in your intention. Say something like, "You know that domination stuff I told you about? I'd like to actually give it a try."

5. Acknowledge the pressure:
If your spouse is timid or shy, you can eliminate some of his fears by saying stuffs like, "I know we have never tried anything like this before, but I am really interested in experimenting it with you. Let’s just see how it goes.”

6. Emphasise that this is not about being bored:
Your hubby might feel you are no longer attracted to him because of your fantasy. You can eradicate these fears by assuring him that you do not want just any guy to dominate you but him alone.

7. Communicate with your partner:
You still have to communicate your desire to your partner, even though not being in control is what you find arousing. Remember, this is your fantasy, a little work ahead of time will make things sexy and safe for both of you.

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